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How to Talk to Your Parents About Getting a Missouri Marijuana Card

Parents Day is coming up on July 24th. As we celebrate the people who raised us, it is worth considering whether or not it’s time to have a discussion with your parents about whether getting a Missouri medical marijuana card could benefit them.

If you have parents who are in middle age or older, chances are they have a condition that could be effectively treated with medical marijuana. Patients across the Show-Me state are treating hundreds of various medical conditions with cannabis. It is an effective tool for chronic pain management, sleep disorders, inflammation, and so much more.

Our Parents Grew Up During a Time When Cannabis Was Very Taboo

While cannabis is medicine, it may be an uphill battle to get your parents to consider all of the ways that they could benefit from medical marijuana. After all, they grew up during a time when cannabis use was stigmatized and unfairly stereotyped as a “gateway drug.” Marijuana users were seen as lazy stoners who lost all drive and ambition.

Of course, those stigmas are biased, out-dated, and unfair. As a matter of fact, many of the world’s top business leaders are proud cannabis users and even top level athletes sing praises of medical marijuana. In recent years, research has uncovered many astounding facts about the natural relief that cannabis can provide.

If you think your parents could benefit from medical marijuana, you’ll want to approach that conversation with them from an educated and understanding place. Here are some tips on how to prepare to for a discussion with your parents about considering medical marijuana.

Be Prepared

The more knowledge you bring to the table when discussing cannabis with your parents, the greater chance you have of successfully making a case for the benefits of cannabis, and how it may improve their overall wellbeing.

Do some advance reading on the qualifying conditions to get a medical marijuana card, and know which of these conditions your parents might be dealing with. Be aware of any medications your parents are currently taking and what side effects they might have. Be ready to compare the benefits of cannabis to those medications they are currently on.

Be Ready to Listen

It wasn’t long ago that your parents were taking care of YOU, so listening to their children’s concerns about their own health can be a bit of an adjustment for them. It’s important to be sensitive and take the time to listen to your parents' concerns and feelings, and validate them by responding from a place of empathy.

Your parents will be more likely to listen to what you have to say if they know it is directly addressing their own concerns. Remember, they want their life to be easier, too. So hear them out and respond accordingly.

DON’T Put Off a Conversation About Medical Marijuana

Don’t wait to have this conversation, especially if you have a parent who is living with pain in their day-to-day life. Yes, this conversation may be difficult to approach, but if your parents see that you genuinely care and want what’s best for them, it will all be worth it. The sooner you have the talk, the sooner they can get the relief they deserve.

DON’T Assume Their Resistance

Your parents may surprise you by being more open to medical marijuana than you think. Though most of our parents grew up during a time when cannabis was illegal, many of them were part of the generation that spearheaded the movement to change that. They may be more educated on cannabis than you realize.

Give them the benefit of the doubt. Although many parents are hesitant to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, there is also a major cultural shift happening as medical marijuana becomes legal over a larger patch of the United States.

As a matter of fact, middle-age parents are now more likely to consume cannabis than their teenage children, and there is an increasing percentage of the elderly population incorporating medical marijuana into their daily routine. Even if your parents aren’t current cannabis users, they most likely have friends who are.

Admit That YOU Use Marijuana

If you are a medical marijuana user, this talk is the perfect time to admit that to your parents. The admission may seem uncomfortable at-first, especially if your parents were not aware about your cannabis use. But this will make your argument more convincing, since you can speak directly to them about your personal experience with cannabis.

Share with them the ways that medical marijuana has helped improve your life. Whether it has helped with anxiety, pain relief, getting a good night’s sleep, or your overall well being, tell them about it. Explain how you want the same relief for them.

DO NOT Let Them Believe Their Pain Is Just an Incurable Symptom of Aging

There is a school of thought from generations past that simply accepted pain as a part of getting older. Explain to your parents that it doesn’t have to be that way and that chronic pain is something that cannabis can help to alleviate.

DO Discuss the Things They Can No Longer Participate in Due to Pain

One of the best ways to convince a person to give marijuana a chance is to talk about their quality of life, particularly the things they miss doing. Many times, chronic pain can be so hindering that people stop participating in their favorite hobbies, which can lead them to slip into a state of depression and boredom.

Perhaps they miss being able to exercise, go on walks around the neighborhood, or work in their garden. Find out what they’re missing and discuss how cannabis may make it possible for them to resume doing the things they love.

DO Take “NO” for an Answer

Your parents may not be ready to consider medical marijuana. This is an outcome you should be prepared for. Sometimes, regardless of how well-educated you sound on the subject, they may not be ready to give cannabis a shot. It’s important for your relationship with your parents that you respect their decision.

And, remember, although they may not be ready now, you may be planting a seed (no pun intended) that could allow them to continue thinking about the subject. They may just need some time to get used to the idea.

Visit the Dispensary Together

If your parents decide to try cannabis, go along with them on their first trip to the dispensary. You’ll be able to make sure they ask the correct questions and understand exactly how to use the marijuana products they are taking home. Simply by being there, you’ll make the experience less overwhelming for them.

BE THERE for Their First Time

If your parents have never consumed cannabis or haven’t in many years, they might feel a little uneasy about their first time with medical-grade marijuana. It can put them at ease to have someone nearby who they trust. Plan to be there for their first time to walk them through the process, and allow them to feel safe.

Help Them Apply for Their Medical Marijuana Card

In order to enjoy the natural relief of cannabis, your parents will need their Missouri medical card. We can help with that! Our medical staff can help take them through a quick and easy evaluation process to see if they qualify. Just give us a call at (877) 303-3117 CLICK HERE to schedule an evaluation with a marijuana doctor.


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