Become a Missouri Marijuana Doctor!

Medical Marijuana Recommending Physician

Missouri Marijuana Card is looking for knowledgeable and compassionate doctors that are interested in evaluating patients and recommending medical marijuana as a treatment option for those that qualify under Missouri state law. This opportunity is ideal for doctors that want to make a difference in an emerging field of medicine and increase the quality of life for patients across the State of Missouri. Research has shown that opiate-related hospitalizations and abuse have declined in states that have legalized medical marijuana, and we believe that increased access to medical marijuana in Missouri will have the same effect. 


  • Perform in-person physical evaluations to evaluate the eligibility of patients for treatment with medical marijuana under Missouri state law. 

  • Review medical history and relevant prescription history for patients interested in treatment with medical marijuana.

  • Explain the risks and benefits of treatment using medical marijuana.

  • Confirm or make a diagnosis of a qualifying condition as specified under Missouri State Law.

  • Write recommendations for qualifying patients and develop a treatment plan.


  • Be in good standing to practice medicine or osteopathy under Missouri law. 

  • Hold a license registered with the Missouri Board of Healing Arts as current, active, and not restricted in any way, such as by designation as temporary or limited.


  • Flexible schedule that allows you to work the shifts most convenient for you.

  • Medical malpractice insurance provided

  • All state-required training and certification will be paid for by Missouri Marijuana Card. 

  • Office staff will take care of all tedious paperwork and compliance with state regulations.

Physician Inquiry

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