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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Missouri

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Missouri Marijuana Card Doctors
Phone: (877) 303-3117

To receive a medical marijuana card in Missouri, you must first be diagnosed by a licensed MO physician. In addition to the list of current qualifying conditions, any condition already diagnosed by a doctor may qualify. 

When searching for a reputable, compassionate medical marijuana doctor who can help you with everything you need in order to start improving your well-being and quality of life, you need to look no further than Missouri Marijuana Card! Our doctors are here to help you find the relief you’ve been looking for, and our patient support experts will walk you through every step of the process. 

Missouri Telemedicine Medical Marijuana Doctors

Missouri Marijuana Card offers marijuana telemed appointments, so you can get approved for treatment in the comfort of your own home! You will have a virtual appointment with one of our physicians through your phone or computer where they will evaluate your medical history to determine if you can be approved for medical marijuana treatment. It's that simple!

Medical Marijuana Doctor Locations

The Missouri Medical Department of Health and Senior Services is tasked with implementing the regulations and provisions of Amendment 2, which permits state-licensed physicians to recommend marijuana for medical purposes to patients with serious illnesses and medical conditions as identified by the Missouri State Medical Association.

Missouri Marijuana Card makes it easy for qualifying patients to access medical marijuana across the state of Missouri. No matter where you live in the Show Me State, you'll find Missouri medical marijuana doctors able to determine if medical marijuana is right for you based on your medical condition(s). Plus, our helpful and friendly staff will make the application and approval process simple and stress-free!

To qualify for a Missouri Marijuana Card, a patient must be diagnosed by a licensed Missouri doctor with one of the numerous qualifying conditions specified within Missouri’s medical marijuana law. We can help you get your medical records and walk you through every step of the process, if you give us a call at (877) 303-3117.

Marijuana Dispensaries Locations in Missouri

After obtaining a medical marijuana card, patients will need to purchase their cannabis from a Missouri dispensary. Dispensaries are opening all over the state in cities large and small, and an ever-increasing variety of medical marijuana products is now available in Missouri.​

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