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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations in Missouri

Medical Marijuana Legalization In Missouri

Medical Marijuana became legalized in Missouri on December 6, 2018. Patients will be able to register with the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS) beginning July 4th and it is anticipated that patients will be able to purchase medical marijuana in early 2020. 

When Will Missouri Dispensaries Open?

Once dispensaries are open patients will be able to purchase medical marijuana. There will be a reported 192 licensed dispensaries in Missouri by the end of 2020, with at least 24 dispensary licenses for each United States Congressional district in the State of Missouri. An entity may apply and obtain anywhere from 1-5 total dispensary licenses. Additionally, Missouri will licensed 60 cultivation facilities to supply medical marijuana for licensed dispensaries.

According to the Columbia Tribune, currently the Missouri DHSS had already received pre-filed applications for over 275 dispensaries and 155 cultivators. Missouri's rules governing cannabis-business licensing dictates that dispensaries will be spread across all parts of Missouri to ensure widespread access.

How Much Will Medical Marijuana Cost In Missouri Dispensaries?

Until dispensaries open their doors in Missouri it is difficult to predict the pricing of medical marijuana products. Ultimately, cultivators and dispensaries will be in charge of pricing in Missouri's medical marijuana program. Prices often will start higher than expected, but drop over time as more competition enters the market.

Missouri is one of the only states to estimate an over-supply of medical marijuana as the program launches. With 192 licensed dispensaries in Missouri, it's no wonder the anticipation is abundant. An abundance of medical cannabis introduced into the market as the program launches will likely result in lower prices than other medical states. The prices are bound to be the highest in early 2020 and slowly diminish in price as the year goes on.

Forms Of Marijuana That Will Be Sold At Missouri Dispensaries

Marijuana in its most natural form. Effects will take effect immediately but only last for about 1-2 hours.


 This form has become more well-known as CBD tinctures can often be found in stores. Tinctures in dispensaries will be cannabis-derived and include THC and other important medical cannabinoids. The effects can take effect almost immediately, and tend to wear off within 2-4 hours.


This can come in a variety of different consistencies, from crumble, to sauce, to budder, or even shatter (pictured blow).


Concentrates are typically recommended for patients with debilitating conditions or have an extremely high THC tolerance as THC percentages can reach up to 92%. 


Food that is marijuana-infused. Edibles are metabolized by the liver, and this process causes:

  • Longer onset (can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in)

  • A more intense effect (THC is converted into a more potent form)

  • Can last up to 8 hours, the effects will be compounded over that time


This form of marijuana is applied on your skin to directly help specific problem areas. This is a helpful solution for patients with chronic pain in certain areas.


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