Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations in Missouri

Medical Marijuana Legalization In Missouri

Medical Marijuana became legalized in Missouri on December 6, 2018. Qualifying Missouri patients are able to register with the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS), and it is anticipated that patients will be able to purchase medical marijuana in mid to late 2020. 

When Will Missouri Dispensaries Open?

Once dispensaries are open patients will be able to purchase medical marijuana. There will be a reported 192 licensed dispensaries in Missouri by the end of 2020, with at least 24 dispensary licenses for each United States Congressional district in the State of Missouri. An entity may apply and obtain anywhere from 1-5 total dispensary licenses. Additionally, Missouri will license 60 cultivation facilities to supply medical marijuana for licensed dispensaries.

The Missouri DHSS has received applications for over 500 dispensaries. Missouri's rules governing cannabis-business licensing dictates that dispensaries will be spread across all parts of Missouri to ensure widespread access.

How Can I Access Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries?

In order to access and purchase products from a dispensary, you must have a Missouri medical marijuana card. At Missouri Marijuana Card, you can get approved for medical marijuana online through telemedicine! Using your mobile phone or computer, you will meet with one of our physicians and get recommended for treatment in a few easy steps. To book an appointment, please call us at 877-303-3117 or you can schedule your medical marijuana evaluation online.

How Much Will Medical Marijuana Cost In Missouri Dispensaries?

Until dispensaries open their doors in Missouri, it is difficult to predict the pricing of medical marijuana products. Ultimately, cultivators and dispensaries will be in charge of pricing in Missouri's medical marijuana program. Prices often will start higher than expected but drop over time as more competition enters the market.

Missouri is one of the only states to estimate an over-supply of medical marijuana as the program launches. With 192 licensed dispensaries in Missouri, it's no wonder the anticipation is abundant. An abundance of medical cannabis introduced into the market as the program launches will likely result in lower prices than other medical states. The prices are bound to be the highest when the first facilities open and slowly diminish in price as the year goes on.

Dispensaries By City

Berkeley (1)

Boonville (1)

Carthage (1)

Cassville (1)

Chesterfield (1)

Chillicothe (1)

Clayton (1)

Eldon (1)

Eureka (1)

Excelsior Springs (1)

Ferguson (1)

Fredericktown (1)

Gallatin (1)

Gladstone (1)

Grandview (1)

Hannibal (1)

Harrisonville (1)

Hazelwood (1)

Hayti (1)

Hillsboro (1)

House Springs (1)

Humansville (1)

Imperial (1)

Jackson (1)

Kearney (1)

Kennett (1)

Lake St. Louis (1)

Lebanon (1)

Liberty (1)

Manchester (1)

Mexico (1)

Mountain Grove (1)

Neosho (1)

Nevada (1)

New Madrid (1)

Nixa (1)

North Kansas City (1)

Ozark (1)

Park Hills (1)

Pevely (1)

Plattsburg (1)

Poplar Bluff (1)

Raymore (1)

Raytown (1)

Republic (1)

Riverside (1)

Rolla (1)

Salem (1)

Sikeston (1)

Smithville (1)

St. Charles (1)

St. Clair (1)

St. James (1)

St. Robert (1)

Troy (1)

Union (1)

Warrensburg (1)

Warrenton (1)

Wright City (1) 

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Dispensaries By Name and Location

Agri-Genesis - Kirksville

Agri-Genesis - Macon

Agri-Genesis - Moberly

Agri-Genesis - Parkville

Agri-Genesis - St. Louis

Astro Farms - Fredericktown

Astro Farms - Joplin

Beleaf Medical - Ellisville

Beleaf Medical - St. Louis (3)

Beleaf Medical - St. Peters

Bloom Medicinals - Cape Girardeau

Bloom Medicinals - O'Fallon

Bloom Medicinals - Plattsburg

Bloom Medicinals - Springfield

Blue Arrow Holdings - Sunrise Beach

Blue Sky Health & Wellness - O'Fallon

Bootheel CannaCare - New Madrid

Captiva Healing - St. Louis

Como Health - Branson West

Como Health -  Columbia

Como Health - Florissant

Como Health - St. Louis

Como Health - Valley Park

Fresh Green - Lee's Summit

Fresh Green - Kansas City

GF Wellness - St. Louis (2)

GF Wellness - St. Peters

Grassroots - Ballwin

Grassroots - Blue Springs

Grassroots - Branson

Grassroots - Independence

Grassroots - Joplin

Grassroots - Springfield

Green Gryphon - Union

Growing Jobs Missouri - Ellisville

Growing Jobs Missouri - St. Louis (3)

Harmony - Neosho

Harvest of Missouri - Lake St. Louis

Harvest of Missouri - Raymore

Harvest of Missouri - West Plains

Heya - Kirksville

Heya - St. Ann

Heya - Park Hills

Heya - Eldon

Heya - St. Peters

Holistic Missouri - Columbia

Holistic Missouri - Sunrise Beach

Holistic Missouri - St. Louis

Jais - St. Ann

Kansas City Cannabis Company - Blue Springs

Kansas City Cannabis Company - Excelsior Springs

Kansas City Cannabis Company - Kearney

Kansas City Cannabis Company - Lee's Summit

Mint - St. Peters

Missouri Health and Wellness - Belton

Missouri Health and Wellness - Jefferson City

Missouri Health and Wellness - Kirksville

Missouri Health and Wellness - Sedalia

Missouri Health and Wellness - Washington

Missouri Made Marijuana - Joplin

Missouri Medical Marijuana Collective - Jackson

Missouri Medical Marijuana Collective - Kennett

Missouri Wild Apothecary - O'Fallon (2)

MO Med - Chillicothe

MO Med - Hannibal

MO Med - Moberly

Mother Dispensaries - St. Joseph

Natural Healthcare of Missouri - Boonville

Nature's Health and Wellness - Rolla

Nature's Health and Wellness - Salem

Nature's Health and Wellness - St. James

Nature's Med - St. Louis

New Growth Horizon - St. Louis

New Growth Horizon -  Warrenton

Nirvana Bliss - Ballwin

Nirvana Bliss - Ellisville

Nirvana Bliss - Farmington

Nirvana Bliss - Festus

Nirvana Bliss - House Springs

North Medical Group - Hillsboro

Occidental Group - Festus

Occidental Group - University City

Old Route 66 Wellness - Ozark

Old Route 66 Wellness - Springfield

Organic Remedies - Cape Girardeau

Organic Remedies - Fenton

Organic Remedies - Sedalia

Ozarx Botanicals - Springfield

Purple Leaf - Gladstone

Purple Leaf - Independence

Purple Leaf - Kansas City

Red Stag Retail - Gallatin

Releaf - Grandview

Revival Ninety-Eight - Springfield

Riverside Wellness - Riverside

Robust - Florissant

ROI Wellness Center - Washington

Shangri-La - Cameron

Shangri-La - Columbia

Shangri-La - Jefferson City

Shangri-La - Nevada

The Dispensary - Cassville

True Level - Kansas City

True Level - St. Joseph

True Level - Parkville

V3 - Creve Coeur

V3 - Hazelwood

V3 - Kansas City

V3 - O'Fallon

V3 - Springfield

Verano - Kansas City

Vertical - St. Joseph

VMO-Ops Inc. - St. Louis (2)

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Forms of Medical Marijuana Available At Dispensaries


Marijuana in its most natural form. Effects will take effect immediately but only last for about 1-2 hours.


 This form has become more well-known as CBD tinctures can often be found in stores. Tinctures in dispensaries will be cannabis-derived and include THC and other important medical cannabinoids. The effects can take effect almost immediately, and tend to wear off within 2-4 hours.


This can come in a variety of different consistencies, from crumble, to sauce, to budder, or even shatter (pictured blow).


Concentrates are typically recommended for patients with debilitating conditions or have an extremely high THC tolerance as THC percentages can reach up to 92%. 


Food that is marijuana-infused. Edibles are metabolized by the liver, and this process causes:

  • Longer onset (can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in)

  • A more intense effect (THC is converted into a more potent form)

  • Can last up to 8 hours, the effects will be compounded over that time


This form of marijuana is applied on your skin to directly help specific problem areas. This is a helpful solution for patients with chronic pain in certain areas.

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