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Medical Cannabis Treats a Wide Range of Symptoms and Conditions

Medical Marijuana Can Treat Over 200 Conditions According to Missouri Nurse

Count Kansas City nurse April Hatch among the legions of medical professionals lending their endorsement to the healing properties of cannabis. Hatch, a nurse for KC’s Cannabis Care team, has seen the wide-reaching benefits of medical marijuana first hand and values the plant as a treatment for over 200 conditions.

April Hatch didn’t start out as an advocate for cannabis, but when it became the only treatment that worked for her son, it led her down a path to becoming one of Missouri’s biggest voices in the medical cannabis field. Now, she spends much of her time educating patients on whether they qualify for the treatments a Missouri medical marijuana card would provide.

A Nurse and Mother

April Hatch is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in Public Health Nursing who specializes in medical cannabis. In a recent Greenway Magazine profile, Hatch revealed a very personal connection with medical marijuana that began when cannabis was used to effectively treat her son after he suffered a football-related traumatic brain injury.

Hatch approached her son’s treatment with the love of a mother, but the scientific bias of a medical professional, and was so impressed with the positive effects of medical marijuana that she and her mother co-founded the Cannabis Care Team, which offers consultations with patients to walk them through whether cannabis may be an effective treatment.

Cannabis Changed the Course of Her Life

Cannabis wasn’t something Hatch came to right away. After her son’s injury, they tried physical therapy, speech therapy, and meetings with numerous neurologists. She didn’t attempt cannabis treatments for her son until traditional methods and medications proved ineffective.

She had the same misgivings many Americans have about cannabis. She was concerned about the stigmas and exaggerated stereotypes faced by marijuana users. But, at that point, she had nothing to lose. The treatment not only worked - it changed the course of her life.

Now, after over six years of immersion in cannabis-based treatment, Hatch is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians

Medical Marijuana Can Treat Hundreds of Conditions

She was a guest on Up to Date on KCUR, Kansas City’s NPR affiliate, and touted the benefits of both THC and CBD as a treatment for hundreds of ailments. Among the benefits, she mentioned the relief cannabis provides for chronic inflammation, helping treat heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and Parkinson’s.

In a recent interview with Medium as part of a series focusing on women leaders, Hatch states she believes the medical system in our nation “needs disruption.” She believes it is imperative that programs are in place to help the patient and not to merely focus on the “business bottom line.”

One of the things she’d love to see in the future includes “cannabis-friendly senior centers” with “CBD infused snacks, aromatherapy, massages, chair yoga in the courtyard, and some cannabis oil before playing cards.” These ideals may stem from her own experiences fighting the stigma of marijuana while attempting to convince her grandmother to try some cannabis-infused chocolate.

KC Cannabis Coach interviewed April, and got her to go into detail on Cannabis Care Team’s approach. Their goal is “education before medication.” They believe it is important to arm patients with information in a way that allows them to talk to their doctor from a place of knowledge.

Ready to talk to a doctor about medical marijuana?

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At Missouri Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

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