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Will Recreational Marijuana be Legal in Missouri in 2022?

Medical marijuana has been a success in the state of Missouri, bringing in over 100 million dollars in the first nine months of 2021. The Missouri cannabis industry has also created over 5,000 jobs, and medical marijuana taxes have given nearly seven million dollars to help veterans. This has many wondering when the Show-Me-State will take the next step and legalize recreational marijuana.

At the moment, recreational marijuana is illegal in Missouri. The only way state residents are allowed to possess and consume cannabis products is with a valid medical marijuana card. The evaluation is quick and easy. CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card or call (877) 303-3117.

Where does Missouri stand when it comes to recreational marijuana?

At the moment, many state legislators are split on whether the timing is right to vote on measures that would legalize cannabis for recreational use. Medical marijuana has only been available in Missouri for about a year, and many would like more time to analyze the current medical program before making any sweeping changes.

Business owners also worry that recreational legalization would flood the market with competition. It is more difficult to get a license for a medical marijuana dispensary than it would be to sell cannabis for recreational use. Those who are thriving in the medical market may be hesitant to see recreational restrictions lifted.

Red tape aside, many residents and activist organizations are hopeful that medical marijuana will open the door to recreational legalization as soon as 2022. Groups such as NORML and Fair Access Missouri are working to get petition signatures and format proposals that could have recreational marijuana on the ballot next year.

On the Fair Access Missouri website, they state “Missouri voters are ready for full legalization of cannabis. We’re working to create an open market with low taxes and low barriers to entry by qualifying and passing a robust adult-use constitutional amendment by initiative petition in 2022.”

The goal of these initiatives is to pass legislation that will legalize recreational marijuana across the state and remove penalties and fines for cannabis possession in small quantities. Petitions argue that an open market would create jobs, boost the economy, and provide a large uptick in tax revenue.

Marijuana Legalization is a Long Road

Medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri in 2018. But, the first dispensaries didn’t open their doors until the Fall of 2020. This means that, even if recreational marijuana passes, it’s going to be a long time until Missouri residents are able to benefit from the changes. If you’re holding out on getting a medical card because you’re waiting for recreational marijuana to become legal, you may want to think again.

How will recreational marijuana benefit Missouri?

If the way Missouri has benefitted from medical marijuana is any indicator, the positive effects of legal recreational use will be far reaching. In addition to giving residents the availability to purchase, possess, and consume cannabis recreationally, the marijuana industry’s growth will create thousands of jobs and bring millions in tax revenue that will help even those who have no direct contact with the cannabis market.

How can I make my voice heard?

As a Missouri resident, your voice matters. Contact your Missouri state legislators and let them know you are in favor of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Also, keep an eye on your local elections so that, when the time comes, you can cast your ballot in favor of legalization.

You can also search for state petitions in favor of legalization, such as this petition in favor of recreational cannabis in Missouri from MoveOn.

You don’t have to wait for relief.

While recreational marijuana may not be legal in Missouri, medical marijuana is very much within the confines of the law. If you are a Missouri resident in need of a medical card, our doctors are standing by to see if you qualify. Just visit our website to schedule your medical marijuana evaluation, or give us a call at (877) 303-3117.


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