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Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing Banned in KC

Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing Banned in Kansas City

Last month, Kansas City’s City Council passed an ordinance that states most local government employees will no longer have to face pre-employment marijuana screening. This is a big step forward in the step to end the stigma associated with cannabis use.

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Missouri, and has been since legislation passed in 2018. But, in order to enjoy the relief that cannabis provides, you’ll need a valid medical card. Our team of medical professionals are standing by to take you through a fast and simple evaluation to see if you qualify. To schedule your medical marijuana evaluation, CLICK HERE or give us a call at (877) 303-3117.

City Council’s Decision to Ban Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing

Quinton Lucas, the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, has been a vocal proponent of the decriminalization of marijuana. In 2020, he and the City Council passed an ordinance to remove all local penalties for marijuana possession.

The measure on pre-employment marijuana testing, which was introduced to City Council by Mayor Lucas in July, passed by a vote of 11-2 in September. This change is a progressive move in fighting the false assumption that cannabis use affects employees' ability to effectively execute their job duties. In fact, there are many cannabis myths that have been debunked concerning the effects of medical marijuana on employee performance.

On Mayor Lucas’s Twitter account, he says the measure is, “One step of many in becoming a fairer city.”

Exemptions to the Rule

There are exemptions to the rule, which still allow pre-employment marijuana tests for positions including police officers, positions requiring a commercial driver’s license, and jobs involving the supervision of children, medical patients, and those who are vulnerable and/or disabled. If you are applying for a job in one of these fields, you may still be required to submit to a marijuana screening in order to complete the hiring process.

Kansas City Following National Trends on Marijuana Testing

Kansas City’s governmental support of the removal of pre-employment cannabis screenings is part of what appears to be a national trend to de-stigmatize marijuana use among professionals.

Last year, New York City passed a measure banning pre-employment marijuana testing for most jobs. The City Council did not have the support of mayor Bill de Blasio, but they were able to pass the measure without his signature. Like Kansas City, the measure does allow for some exceptions to marijuana screenings for specific positions.

This seems to be part of a nationwide effort to not only decriminalize marijuana-related offenses, but to change the light in which society views cannabis-use. Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee approved a congressional committee report that encourages national agencies to continue to review “policies and guidelines regarding hiring and firing of individuals who use marijuana in states where that individual’s private use of marijuana is not prohibited under the law of the State,”

Will Kansas City’s ban on pre-employment marijuana screening be the first step in a trend that will extend into private sector hiring practices? Only time will tell. If the changes we’re seeing nationwide continue, we’ll continue to move forward into a society that embraces the healing properties of medical marijuana.

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