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Here are 10 Pro Athletes Who Use Cannabis

pro athletes who endorse medical marijuana

It’s no secret that athletes suffer from aches and pains. Many professional sports figures are finding that medical marijuana helps their muscles recover from intense workouts, and on-field injuries. Many former pros are utilizing cannabis to deal with the pain that often goes hand-in-hand with a career in sports.

If you are considering whether or not to get a Missouri medical marijuana card, you may be inspired by professional athletes who enjoy the relief provided by cannabis. As medical marijuana becomes legal in states across the nation, major sports leagues are changing their policies to support natural relief.

Four major sports leagues in the United States have started to ease up on their stance concerning marijuana. The National Hockey League and Major League baseball have removed marijuana from their banned substances lists. Cannabis remains a banned substance in the NBA, but they did suspend random drug testing for the 2020-2021 season, suggesting the possibility for further change. Even the NFL has stopped suspending players who test positive for THC.

At the forefront of the change in sports are the current and former pro athletes willing to take a stand and publicly endorse or advocate for the healing benefits of medical marijuana. Here are some of the professional athletes who are advocating for the use of cannabis:

1. Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon was the rebellious quarterback who led the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl. In a recent article with the Chicago Tribune, McMahon said that the only way he is able to deal with the pain caused by a career of injuries, including several concussions, is with the relief of medical marijuana.

2. Mike Tyson

The former world champion boxer recently said, “"Cannabis has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share that gift with others who are also seeking relief." Tyson is putting his money where his mouth is, with the recent launch of Tyson 2.0, his new line of cannabis products.

3. Riley Kote

During his time as an enforcer in the NHL, Riley Cote racked up too many injuries to count. He used medical marijuana to help recover, and in his retirement is advocating for the NHL to embrace cannabis.

4. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is undoubtedly the most well-known female MMA fighter of all time. She is also an outspoken supporter of marijuana, and doesn’t believe it should be a banned substance for fighters. When fellow fighter Nick Diaz was suspended from the UFC for cannabis use in 2015, Rousey spoke in his defense, stating she did not believe in marijuana-related suspensions.

5. Rob Van Dam

The professional wrestler known to fans simply as “RVD,” has been a long time marijuana advocate. As a wrestler, he has worked for nearly every major company and is a former WWE champion. In a recent profile for NORML, Van Dam spoke on the topic of athletes who use marijuana, stating “How about we stop ignoring the fact that world champion athletes who take their health extremely seriously sometimes choose to use marijuana? Why are we ignoring the message there?”

6. Greta Gaines

Greta Gaines was the first woman to ever compete in the World Extreme Snowboarding Championship, in 1992. She first began utilizing cannabis to ease her anxiety before adrenaline-pumping activities such as jumping out of a helicopter, onto a snow covered mountain. These days, she utilizes marijuana to help with pain-related to arthritis.

7. Kyle Turley

Turley spent eight years in the NFL. His on-field injuries led him to develop a painkiller addiction that sent him on a 20 year battle with depression. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he credited medical marijuana with turning things around and saving his life. Now, he advocates for medical marijuana to help other athletes in similar circumstances.

8. Megan and Rachael Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe is a megastar in the world of soccer. Her sister, Rachael, also a former player, has founded Mendi, a company that offers CBD-infused athletic supplements. The two sisters recently teamed-up when Megan became an ambassador for Rachael’s company.

9. Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock is a retired MMA fighter and undefeated UFC Middleweight Champion. In an interview with High Times, Shamrock stated “I used cannabis during my entire sports career, from day one until the very end. I used to recover, I used it for pain, I used oils to protect my brain.”

10. Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams' career is almost synonymous with his outspoken use of marijuana. Perhaps ahead of his time, his career was plagued by cannabis-related suspensions. Since his retirement, he has made his voice heard, stating he believes athletes will increase their performance capabilities if marijuana use is allowed.

As the stigma surrounding medical marijuana diminishes with the spread of legislation allowing relief grows, we can expect additional athletes to come forward as advocates for the use of medical cannabis.

You Don’t Have to Be an Athlete to Get Relief

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