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How to Set Up A Grow Room

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your First Cannabis Grow Room

  • How to pick a spot, choose your equipment, and get started with your first personal cannabis grow.

As cannabis continues to drop its stigmatization and gain in popularity, plenty of people want to control the product they consume. That’s why lots of people are wondering how to start their first cannabis grow in their home, basement, or apartment.

Here, we’ll discuss how to decide where to grow, what equipment you’ll need, and how to get started on growing your first cannabis plants.

Deciding Where To Grow Cannabis Indoors

Most importantly, you need to have enough space to grow your cannabis. Since we are working on your first indoor cannabis grow, we’ll recommend a small grow operation.

To start out, a small grow operation has a variety of benefits including:

  • Minimal startup costs

  • Ease of maintenance

  • A lesser degree of risk compared to a large grow

Whether you have limited space, like a closet, or an entire unfinished basement open to you, you can start small with a grow tent or by building your own grow space.

Decide whether you want to have an area where you have elbow room to work around your plants, or if you want to grow them in a small space where you can easily remove them for daily maintenance.

Whatever space you choose, you’ll need to make sure you’ve covered a few key aspects for growing cannabis:

  • Checking for light leaks

  • Temperature and humidity insulation

  • Cleanliness and security

A completely blacked out space that can be controlled for environmental factors and other outside forces is key to selecting the correct grow space, big or small.

Equipment Needed To Grow Cannabis Indoors

Tents and grow spaces will vary in exactly what equipment you’ll need.

However, there are similarities that every first-time grower should be aware of. For example, you’ll need:

  • Grow lights and hoods

  • Grow Tents (recommended)

  • Proper ventilation

  • Grow containers

  • Irrigation

  • Timers

  • Monitoring systems

  • Drying Racks

  • Nutrients and Soil

  • Trimming Scissors


Your lights should be more than adequate to accommodate all of your plants. You don’t want them competing for light, or your harvest will suffer. Keep your hoods and lights clean to ensure maximum efficacy.

HID lights are recommended, but fluorescent lights are less expensive to set up. LED lights create less heat and use less electricity, but may not hold up to the same quality as HID lights.


A proper ventilation system generates the movement of air (fans) and the cycling in of fresh air. A closed-loop ventilation system would be best to prevent the intake of possible pests and pathogens.

Many insects and pests prefer stagnant air. Maintaining a breeze in your cannabis grow room will make it less hospitable to invasion while simultaneously stressing the roots and stems just enough to strengthen and encourage growth.

Moreover, if your lights are producing a lot of heat, you’ll need an exhaust fan to help control your temperature. A charcoal scrub in your exhaust will prevent the smell of your grow from leaking into the nearby vicinity.

Growing Medium

What you grow in is up to you.

Your growing containers could be red solo cups with increasingly larger pots filled with perlite and coco or a small hydroponic system specified to your budget and needs.

For your first soil grow, consider obtaining super-soil, a type of medium that requires no nutritional input over the course of the life of the plant and is easy to grow in.


Many people prefer to install an irrigation system that does the work for them, but there is just as much validity in the daily maintenance and watering of your cannabis plants.

However, be sure to either test the water you’re giving your plants or filter it first. Minerals from your tap may stunt the growth of your cannabis.


Timers and monitoring systems will help you;

  • Control the temperature and humidity

  • Institute a regulated photoperiod

  • Ensure your plants are getting the proper nutrition

If you’re familiar with thermostats, these gadgets aren’t as intimidating as they might sound.

pH meters, hygrometers, and other monitoring tools are often very easy to use, even for first-time growers like yourself.

carbon filter for a grow room
timer for the grow lights

Getting Started With Your First Cannabis Grow

Once you have your space selected and your equipment ready, you can get started with your first indoor cannabis grow.

Aside from the technical aspects of growing, you’ll improve your chances of success with thoughtful planning and daily maintenance.

That means, before you plant your first seed or clone, be sure you have a plan set forth for:

  • Watering and nutrition schedules

  • Budgeting for electricity bills and upkeep

  • The date of transplanting and harvest

With those, you’ll be able to plan your grow from start to finish, know exactly when and what nutrients to provide for your plants, and how much your grow is going to cost you.

Thankfully, despite the increased electricity bills, your cost of cannabis will go down over time compared to buying it at a dispensary.

Are you ready to get started with your first indoor cannabis grow in your home, basement, or apartment?

If this guide has helped you get started, please share it with your friends!

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