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Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana in Missouri

Legally Grow Marijuana Plants at Home in Missouri!

Did you know that it’s legal to grow your own medical marijuana plants in Missouri as long as you have a Missouri marijuana card and a home cultivation ID? Here is a quick overview and some Q and A on how to legally grow cannabis in your home or back yard in Missouri:

Step 1: Get a Recommendation from a MO Marijuana Doctor

The first step to becoming a legal home cultivator of medical marijuana is to get a Missouri marijuana card recommendation. The process is quick and simple, and having a marijuana card gives you the right to shop at Missouri dispensaries and apply for a cultivation license.

Step 2: Apply for a Home Cultivation ID When You Register

When you register with the Department of Health and Senior Services, you’ll have the opportunity to also apply for a home cultivation ID. The application costs an additional $50; and you will need to certify that you have a location for your plants where you can keep them out of sight and under lock and key, inaccessible to anyone but the cardholder.

ID Cards issued after December 8, 2022 are effective for 3-years.


Registered caregivers may grow medical marijuana plants for Missouri marijuana card holders if the patient is unable to grow. In this case, the caregiver must apply for the home cultivation ID after first registering as a caregiver. Patients may not grow for themselves if they have a caregiver growing for them.

Step 3: Set Up Your Grow Space and Acquire Seeds

Most people choose to grow their plants in a bedroom closet or basement storage room, but you can grow your plants pretty much anywhere as long as you can keep them out of sight by your neighbors and locked away with no access by anyone other than the person authorized to grow. 

As of Summer 2021, your options for getting seeds in Missouri are somewhat limited. You can order them online from places like Growers Choice Seeds, or you can pay a visit to the Cassville Dispensary in Cassville, MO for seeds in strains like Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and Northern Lights.

Step 4: Get Growing!

The amount of time it takes for your cannabis plants to mature can vary drastically, depending on your growing methods and the yield you are looking for from your plant. Larger plants will take longer to grow, and growing outdoors can increase the amount of time it takes to cultivate from seed to harvest.

Step 5: Harvest, Dry and Cure Your Buds!

Finally, the moment has arrived. The trichomes on your buds are looking yummy, and the plant is about as fragrant as it can get. It’s time to harvest your buds! You might be ready to light those babies up as soon as you get your harvesting gloves off, but you’ll get the best results if you wait just a little bit longer to dry and cure them first.


The drying process generally takes 7 - 14 days, and then curing can take another 2 - 4 weeks. The waiting game may seem more like torture than anything fun, but curing your buds takes away that grassy, hay flavor and smell. If you want tasty nugs, you’ll need to bide your time.

Step 6: Enjoy the Sweet Relief of Homegrown Medical Marijuana

Okay, for real the moment has finally arrived! You can now consume some of the best-tasting homegrown medical marijuana around, because it was all yours from start to finish. Once your buds are cured, you can smoke them or process your cannabis into DIY edibles and homemade extracts for a smoke-free experience.

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Growing Medical Marijuana at Home in Missouri

How Many Marijuana Plants Can I Grow at Home?

According to the DHSS, each registered patient can grow up to six flowering plants, six nonflowering plants, and six clones at any given time. Caregivers can grow for no more than two patients at a time, bringing the total number of authorized plants at each stage up to 12. 


The only exception to this rule would be a case in which a caregiver is also a patient. In this situation, an additional six flowering plants, six nonflowering plants, and six clones may be added to the cultivation plan.

Can I Grow My Cannabis Plants Outside?

Green thumbs love the outdoor growing season. It gives them an opportunity to make friends with the environment, learning to adjust growing strategies based on weather conditions, presence of pests, and desired outcomes.


You can grow your plants outdoors in Missouri, but there are some stipulations that make it a little more challenging than growing those prize-winning tomatoes. Plants must be out of sight from your neighbors and any public thoroughfare; and they must be under lock and key, inaccessible by anyone but the grower and/or the patient.

What About Pests on My Cannabis Plants?

Pests are the bane of a gardener’s existence, but there is nothing more disheartening than seeing your entire crop of medicine being eaten by a bad aphid infestation. Prevention is key when it comes to managing pests on your plants. 


If you are growing in pots, make sure your soil is fresh and free of infestation. Keep a close eye on your plants, checking daily for signs that insects, fungus and bacteria might be feeding on your crop. Make sure your plants are getting enough nutrients, sunlight and water, but be careful not to overwater because that can also lead to problems.

Where Can I Learn More About Growing Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

If you’ve got a friend or relative who grows their own cannabis, talking to them may be one of the most satisfying ways to learn everything you need to know. Most gardeners are more than happy to share the knowledge they have acquired over years of experience with growing their favorite crop. 


Here are some other resources for growing your own marijuana plants at home: 


On Missouri Marijuana Card’s blog, we are working to build a library with everything you need to know about growing medical marijuana in your home. 


In addition to our blog, there are plenty of other free resources out there, like the I Love Growing Marijuana Guide that is free to download.


If you want something more hands-on, Elite Home Growers Academy in Maryland Heights, MO offers a 2.5 hour in-person workshop, teaching you everything you need to know about growing cannabis indoors.

And finally, for an in-depth course on growing your own medical marijuana plants in Missouri, Cannabis Training University offers a 22-lesson online course in how to grow marijuana plants. By the time you finish this course, you will pretty much be an expert in growing cannabis.

Growing Cannabis in Missouri: Registered Patient Caregivers

Can I Have a Caregiver Grow My Cannabis Plants for Me?

Yes! Caregivers can grow plants for up to two patients, which means they can grow a maximum of 12 plants in each stage of growth: flowering, nonflowering, and clone. If the caregiver is also a patient, they can add six more plants to their cultivation plan, bringing the total number of authorized plants up to 18 per stage of growth.

Can Caregivers be Reimbursed for Their Expenses When Growing Medical Marijuana?

Caregivers may choose to grow medical marijuana for patients free of charge, but they may also be reimbursed for their expenses when growing. Cultivating marijuana can be an expensive and time consuming process, and patients may compensate caregivers for their efforts and expenditures.

Can I Share My Medical Marijuana With My Caregiver?

Your medical marijuana is designated for patient use only. Patients may not share the cannabis that a caregiver grows for them with anyone but another patient. Caregivers may also be patients, however. If your caregiver is also a registered patient, they can partake in the plants that are grown.

I am a Caregiver - How Many Patients Can I Grow For?

Caregivers may manage the care of up to three patients at a time, but they can only grow marijuana plants for two. The exception to this rule is if the caregiver is also a patient. If this is the case, then caregivers can grow cannabis for themselves in addition to the other two patients.

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