Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana in Missouri

Missouri Patient Registration Process and Regulations

Medical marijuana is legal for qualified patients and have access to dispensaries across the state of Missouri. Let's take a deeper dive into Missouri's medical marijuana program. All patients are required to receive a recommendation from a doctor. Patients need to upload a valid ID, proof of residency, a physician certification form, and they must submit a selfie.


The Department of Health and Senior Services hosts the platform Complia, where patients apply to register for their medical marijuana card. Patients may also apply for a medical marijuana grow certificate when they are applying through Complia. The state's patient registration fee is $25 and the grow registration is $100. If a patient wishes to have a caregiver grow for them, the patient does not need to pay the $100 growing registration fee. 

Patients are allowed up to FOUR (4) ounces of dried unprocessed marijuana in a 30-day period. This is important because a caregiver can grow up to a 90-day supply for a patient, however,  patients can pick up 60 days worth or EIGHT (8) ounces of marijuana from their licensed caregiver at a time.

Let's Talk "Number of Plants"
Most patients wonder how many actual plants they are allowed to have. Missouri allows patients to grow SIX (6) flowering plants at a time. However, Missourians are able to have another SIX (6) non-flowering plants and another SIX (6) clones. 

Here are a few specifications on how the state defines each type of plant:

The six non-flowering plants are considered to be OVER 14 inches tall
The six flowering plants are considered to be OVER 14 inches tall

The six clones MUST be UNDER 14 inches tall

A large scale commercial cannabis grow

Where do I get my seeds in Missouri?

Until Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries open, patients will have to quietly source their seeds from anywhere they can find them. 


For more information check out this seed bank and download their FREE grow guide!

Missouri Caregivers

Caregivers can grow for up to three qualifying patients. Caregivers are also allowed to register as a patient as well. However, they must pay a $100 fee for the grow certificate. In addition, they must pay $100 for a grow certificate as a caregiver if they wish to grow medical marijuana for three patients in addition to themselves. 

When applying to become a caregiver for a patient, the caregiver must fill out the authorization form with the patient's ID number from their medical marijuana card.

This totals in at 18 plants and 12 ounces of dried unprocessed marijuana per patient. Caregivers must clearly label each plant with the dedicated patient's name on it. If a patient wishes to remove a caregiver's right to grow for them, the caregiver must dispose of the crops at a local dispensary.

Caregivers can possess up to a 90-day supply of dried marijuana in addition to the 18 plants we discussed above for each patient. The caregiver is solely responsible for operating in a closed facility that can be locked. 

How to Grow Medical Marijuana
So now that you've registered as a patient with the DHSS and you've registered as a caregiver, how do you grow your own marijuana?

Below are a few articles that provide an in-depth overview on how to grow your own medical marijuana. Stay tuned for more information on growing your own marijuana in the state of Missouri.

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Storing Your Cannabis

big cannabis buds in the flowering stage.

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