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  • Jennifer Betz

Why Medical Marijuana at Dispensaries is Better Than What You Can Find on the Street

cannabis in dispensaries vs. illicit market

People with a dependable source of cannabis may be hesitant to try medical marijuana. Here’s why you should reconsider.

As of June 21, 2021, more than 120 thousand patients have been approved for medical marijuana in Missouri, and almost everyone who has a qualifying condition can get to a cannabis dispensary within a half hour of leaving their home.

Cities like Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia even have several dispensaries to choose from, with every kind of vibe like the artsy Swade in The Grove, the boutique dispensary Shangri-La in Columbia, or the community-focused From the Earth in KC.

With a whole world of options and a variety of legal marijuana products so readily available, it seems surprising that some people would still choose to stick to the illicit market for their purchases.

However, at Missouri Marijuana Card, we understand the hesitation. We want everyone to have confidence in their choices—especially when it comes to taking control of your health and wellness. And that’s why we address many of our patients’ concerns with blog posts focused on specific issues that are important to the people of Missouri.

We recognize that some people who use cannabis may just be more comfortable making their purchases from their buddy down the street. Marijuana is often a social experience, and enjoying a smoke with the person who delivers your product is a part of cannabis culture that many are not prepared to give up.

In this post, we are going to take a look at what makes medical marijuana a superior choice to what you can get on the illicit—or Legacy—market, and what you can do to make sure you don’t have to give up on the more enjoyable, social aspects of plant medicine.

First Thing’s First—Medical Marijuana is Legal to Purchase from Dispensaries and Grow in Your Home in Missouri

Okay, so we can’t ignore the fact that a marijuana card gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to staying within the parameters of state laws. If you are making purchases on the illicit market, then you are breaking the law and there is no way around it.

However, you can walk right into a Missouri dispensary, hit a dispensary drive-through, and soon even order delivery; choose from state-regulated flower, concentrates, vape products and more; then drive home knowing that what’s in your trunk is not going to get you into any trouble.

Additionally, you can add a home cultivation ID onto your Missouri marijuana card registration, allowing you to grow up to six mature medical marijuana plants in your home or backyard.

The option to grow marijuana plants at home without worrying about whether police that drive by can smell that sweet, pungent odor emanating from your bedroom closet right before harvest is potentially worth the cost of your card.

Medical Marijuana is Regulated—So You Know What You’re Getting Every Time

You know how sometimes your buddy Rob gets really GREAT dank, but then other times all he can get is what seems like a bunch of shake and seeds at the bottom of a bag?

Or sometimes you pay extra for “the good stuff”, but then you wonder why you did because it seems no better than the usual?

Or maybe it’s just that you really enjoyed the stuff you got last time but now it’s not available anymore?

And sometimes everything seems fine until you start smoking what you’ve just purchased. Then you notice that it tastes like it’s been sprayed with something, so you have to make a choice to either risk your health or toss out the time and money you just spent.

You never have to worry about this with medical marijuana purchased from a Missouri dispensary. Cannabis sold legally in Missouri must originate in Missouri. Producers must pass stringent regulations, submit to regular inspections, and have their final products tested for potency and purity.

Additionally, producers work hard to ensure a steady supply of the products you love, so you never have to worry about not being able to get the strain that hits all your sweet spots.

Get Precisely the Product That’s Right for You

No offense to the Legacy dealers, but the variety of products you can find on the street is absolutely no match for what you can find in a Missouri dispensary. Any given dispensary in the Show Me State is likely to have at least a dozen or more strains of smokable flower and pre-rolls, vapes, gummies, chocolates, beverages, dabs, shatter, badder, budder, sugar, and crumble.

You know that “kid in a candy store” feeling? Welcome to the world of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Not only are there tons of products in different formats, but you can purchase stains that will give you the precise effects you’re looking for. Need something to help your anxiety? How about your back pain? Interested in getting a better night’s sleep? Missouri dispensaries have you covered, with terpene profiles that address every kind of symptom you want to treat.

Did We Mention That Medical Marijuana From a Missouri Dispensary is LEGAL to Purchase, Possess, and Consume?

Don’t love crossing the street when you see a cop on the sidewalk because you’re afraid you might smell like weed? Tired of feeling your heart pounding and palms sweating every time you pick up your medicine? Wishing you could be more open with your family about your lifestyle?

Get a Missouri marijuana card, and at least the first two points are covered. Once you have the weight of participating in illegal activity off your shoulders, you may feel better about sharing your choices with the people you’re closest with as well.

You don’t have to hide in the shadows with your cannabis use when you have a Missouri marijuana card, and qualifying is easy!

Give us a call at 877-303-3117 or simply schedule a fast, convenient telehealth appointment online today!


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At Missouri Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

Call us at (877) 303-3117, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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