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Resin, Rosin, Dabs, Carts, and Hash - What are They, and What Can You Get in Missouri?

Resin, rosin, dabs, carts, hash. These are all terms you’re going to hear—and maybe even start to use—when you shop at a Missouri cannabis dispensary.

Now that Missouri’s medical marijuana program is operational, people from all walks of life are qualifying to use therapeutic cannabis. They are incorporating it into their treatment plans, using it to manage chronic pain, PTSD, depression and anxiety, and they are just generally enjoying some good, old fashioned natural relief.

With marijuana finally being recognized as a legitimate medicine, patients with varying levels of experience are becoming familiar with different products. Sometimes understanding these products can be confusing, and it may stop some patients from trying something new because they don’t want to waste their time and money.

At Missouri Marijuana Card, we understand that you are investing your time, money, and physical energy into your health with medical marijuana, and we want you to be confident in your decisions.

Whether you are an experienced user or this is your first time trying marijuana, this guide will help you get familiar with some of the terms related to newer cannabis products hitting the shelves. The next time you walk into a dispensary may be the time you decide to try something new!

Resin, Rosin, Dabs, Carts, and Hash are All Concentrated Products from Cannabis Flower

The first thing to know about these terms is that they are all referring to different concentrated products you can make from cannabis flower. Think about flax. You can make a cooking oil, cereal, a flour-like substance for baking, and even textiles with it. Cannabis is similar in its utility, and you can make all sorts of products with just one plant.

If you are a DIYer just getting started growing your own marijuana plants, check out our beginner’s guide to DIY extracts to learn about how you can easily make your own cannabis-based products after you harvest.

What is the Difference Between Resin and Rosin?

The main difference between resin and rosin is not in the spelling. It’s in the way the product is extracted.

Resin is extracted using an alcohol-based solvent, which is more dangerous during the extraction process but produces a highly concentrated THC extract. Some say it is also dangerous for people to inhale, and there is evidence indicating that it could cause lung injuries.

Rosin is extracted using pressure and heat. It may not be quite as concentrated, but it’s easier and safer to do yourself. You just need a hair straightener, some cured cannabis, parchment paper, patience and a scraper.

Both preserve terpenes and cannabinoids in the final product, and they are pretty versatile in their use.

Can I Buy Resin or Rosin at a Missouri Dispensary?

Missouri dispensaries have been getting vape pens in, to the delight of medical marijuana enthusiasts everywhere. These vape pens likely contain rosin. If you are unsure what is in the vape pen you are thinking about purchasing, ask your budtender. They will probably know.

As products at dispensaries become more available, you’ll be able to purchase dabs, shatter, sugar, and other concentrates that start with resin and rosin as the base extract. Anything that contains resin will be required to pass stringent purity standards that ensure there are no trace solvents present.

Vape pens mean the resin or rosin will come sealed in a cartridge. But if you have access to these products outside of a cartridge, you can use them as a dab, cure them to make other products, put them in your water pipe or bowl, or even use them to fill your own empty cartridges.

What Does it Mean When Resin or Rosin are “Live”?

Resin and rosin can both be made with cured cannabis, but they can also be made with freshly-picked buds. Extracts made with fresh buds, also known as raw cannabis, are considered “live.”

The benefits of raw versus cured cannabis are varied, and it generally comes down to a matter of taste. Literally. Raw cannabis products are a bit like running the whole plant through a juicer. They have a fresh, grassy flavor, they can be harsh to inhale and bitter to taste.

Cured products produce more refined results. They are generally more mellow in flavor, smoother to inhale, and most people prefer this form of cannabis.

What Are Dabs?

Dabs are simply the individual doses of products made with resin and rosin. The final products you’ll find at dispensaries are limited right now, but they will soon be hitting the shelves after processors get final approvals.

What Tools do I Need to Use a Dab?

For most dab products, you’ll need a dab rig in order to use them. There are ways to consume them without one, but using a rig will be the most efficient, least messy way of doing it. You can find dab rigs at headshops across Missouri, and your local dispensary may sell them as well. The least processed form of a dab is the simple resin or rosin. You can also find dabs in shatter (so named because of its glasslike form), sugar, wax, budder, and more. Most of the names are pretty self-explanatory and are descriptive of their physical properties.

Can I Buy Dabs at a Missouri Dispensary?

As of early April 2021, there are no dab products at Missouri dispensaries. This is likely to change in the very near future, however, as processors are finally in full operation.

Additionally, if you are more advanced at making your own cannabis products, you could try your hand at DIY shatter, budder, wax, sugar, and more.

What’s a Cart or Cartridge?

A cart, or cartridge, is simply the container for cannabis extracts. They can come filled and ready to use (as in the case of a vape pen), or they can come empty for a DIY experience. They are the most convenient, least sticky method for resin or rosin consumption, but your cannabis concentrate needs to have a more liquid consistency in order to be used to fill the cartridges.

Can I Buy Cartridges at a Missouri Dispensary?

Right now, Missouri dispensaries are getting a limited number of vape pens onto their shelves. Vape pens use cartridges, and they are simple, convenient, and very portable. There may be other cartridges available in the future, as processors begin to get more varied products out the door.

What is Hash?

Hash is simply a very concentrated version of dry flower. It’s made through vigorous sifting that breaks the plant down into extremely small particles—almost like a sticky dust. It is then pressed together to make a block or a ball. Sometimes, however, it is a bit looser than that, and its appearance can vary quite a bit.

You can pretty much smoke or dry vape hash in all the ways you can use resin or rosin products (though putting it into an empty cart probably doesn't work very well). You can use a dab rig, add it to joints, bowls and water pipes, put it in food and beverages, and use whatever other creative methods you can come up with.

Can I Buy Hash at Missouri Dispensaries?

Not yet, but very very soon. As of the end of March 2021, Green Precision Analytics was testing the first batch of legal Missouri hash. Once it gets final approval for distribution, it will be on dispensary shelves.

Keep an eye on Missouri Marijuana Card’s blog for more news as it is available. We will keep you posted about products as they are released and dispensary openings when they happen.

How Can I Purchase Cannabis Concentrates Like Resin, Rosin, Dabs, Carts, and Hash?

In order to purchase cannabis concentrates—or even to make your own—you need a Missouri marijuana card. Once you have one, you can shop at any dispensary in the state and purchase whatever is available at the time of your visit.

Additionally, having a cultivation permit allows you to grow your own cannabis plants and make your own cannabis concentrates.

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