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Not Your Grandma’s Magic Brownies: A Guide to Using Marijuana Edibles in Missouri

After Reading This Guide, You'll Know Everything You Need to Know Before Trying Edibles

Missouri medical marijuana suppliers are in full operation now, and marijuana card holders are enjoying expanded access to products like flower in various strains, pre-rolls, vape pens, and of course, edibles.

Any Missouri dispensary you visit at this point will likely have a variety of cannabis gummies from makers like Wana, Robhots, and Cowboy Cannabis—and they may even have some Keef brand Kush Colas, too.

Once you get your Missouri marijuana card, you can shop for these products and more at dispensaries opening up all over the Show-Me state.

However, even some of the most experienced cannabis consumers are a little hesitant to give edibles a try. That’s partially because over the last several years, they have gotten a reputation for being overwhelming. Stories about users ending up at the hospital when they’ve had too much pervade news sources and frighten people off.

It is true that the cannabis gummies of today are not the magic brownies of yesteryear. However, with a little bit of foresight and some understanding of how they work, gummies could become one of your favorite ways to consume medical marijuana.

In this short guide, we are going to take a quick look at the variety and dosing of edibles available at Missouri dispensaries. Then we will dive right into how to get started and what to expect. By the time we are finished, you will be ready to start your adventure with THC infused edibles—and you might never look back!

What Kinds of THC Edibles are Available at MO Dispensaries?

The nice thing about the edibles sold at Missouri dispensaries is that they are simple and straightforward. Instead of being labeled as having a certain percentage of THC, their specific dose is noted. Additionally, there are not any differences between strains. You don’t have to pay attention to terpenes or be concerned about variations in the product outside of sativa, indica, and hybrid.

As of right now, there are no other types of edibles available besides gummies and the occasional beverage. This is likely to change throughout 2021, and a wider variety of products, including chocolates and other types of candies, will likely be available this summer.

The majority of gummies currently being sold at dispensaries contain 10mg of THC each. They are typically sold in 100mg containers that have 10 pieces. You can also find gummies that are infused with CBD as well as THC.

These are labeled with the number milligrams and the ratio, with the first number referring to the CBD amount and the second number referring to THC. So a package containing 2:1 gummies has two milligrams of CBD to one milligram of THC.

Gummies are popular, and they come in almost any flavor you can imagine. Wana creates artisanal flavors like Exotic Yuzu, Sour Mango, and Sour Watermelon, while Robhots makes flavors like “red” and “fruit.”

How to Get Started Using Cannabis Edibles

The best way to have a good first time experience with edibles is to understand how they work and start out SLOWLY. Even if you have a lot of experience with marijuana, you don’t want to just pop a whole 10mg gummy into your mouth on your first run, then take another when that one hasn’t kicked in after a half hour.

Flower and Vape Pens Vs. Edibles

Inhaled products like flower and vape pens enter your bloodstream immediately through your lungs. That’s why they take effect so quickly, and why their effects do not last very long. It’s easier to control how “high” you get when you inhale your cannabis, because you know almost right away how it is going to make you feel and you can stop any time.

Edibles, however, are more of a challenge to dose because they can take up to two hours before you feel anything. The active components enter your bloodstream after being processed through your liver. So it can take a while for them to kick in; and they may last an unexpectedly long time based on your digestive system, your metabolism, and what you ate before taking your cannabis.

The effect is the same when you mix tinctures into your food or drinks, or you swallow them. This is a popular way of using them, but they are generally meant to be taken sublingually, which produces a faster effect.

Most people who use edibles say that they are felt in the body more than inhaled products, which is great for people who struggle with chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other physical conditions that may benefit from a stronger “body buzz.”

Starting Slowly: How to Take Your First Dose of Marijuana Edibles

When you try edibles for the first time, you’re going to want to make sure your calendar for the rest of the day is clear. They may take a longer time than expected to run through your system, and you don’t want to be stuck having to cancel your plans because you got too high. We recommend starting with ¼ of a 10mg gummy. This may seem a little over cautious, but it will help ease you into what marijuana gummies feel like. Wait at least one hour before taking more, but preferably two hours.

If you have waited for the allotted time and still don’t feel anything, take another ¼. Give that dose an hour or so before taking more, and continue adding more in this way. If you end up taking a whole gummy in your first session, we still recommend starting with ½ or less the next time around. Taking a whole gummy at once is something you will probably need to work your way up to if you want to have the best experience.

Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and eat at least a small meal before you take your gummies and during your session. This helps prevent nausea, anxiety, and headaches associated with dehydration and hunger.

In order to prepare for your next session with gummies, try keeping a cannabis journal. Using one will help you remember how you felt the last time you took edibles, how much THC you ingested, and things you did that either helped or hindered your experience.

And remember: If you don’t feel anything, you can always take more. If you get too high, however, you can’t untake your edibles. Check out this advice for how to manage if you get higher than you want to be, and enjoy your journey!

Get a Missouri Marijuana Card to Start a New Adventure With Edibles!

If you’re more of a DIYer, check out this article about how to make your own edibles and other extracts, with your homegrown marijuana plants. Regardless of the path you take, you’re going to need a Missouri marijuana card in order to do any of it legally.

Our compassionate doctors are here to help you get started, and they can give you the information you need to create a treatment plan that works for you. Schedule an appointment today, to start getting the natural relief you deserve!


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