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Smoke Me Out to the Ballgame - Major League Ballplayers Who Use Cannabis

You may be surprised to find out how many top-level athletes are pro-cannabis. In fact, if you’ve got your Missouri medical marijuana card, you’ve got a lot in common with several major league ballplayers. That’s because the medical benefits of cannabis extend to many of the issues that elite athletes face. As more studies tout the benefits of cannabis, many professional athletes are becoming more outspoken about their support of marijuana, as well as their personal use.

Cannabis can help manage chronic pain, which is something many athletes will face after a career of intense physical activity. Medical marijuana is also an effective tool for reducing anxiety and increasing focus, which is something athletes who are under pressure could benefit from.

Major League Baseball No Longer Testing for Marijuana

These days, as the benefits of cannabis are becoming more evident, more and more sports leagues are letting go of their antiquated rules testing for marijuana usage and suspending athletes who test positive. This newfound freedom has allowed athletes to make their own choices in regards to cannabis use, thereby allowing them to benefit from its therapeutic potential.

Major League Baseball stopped subjecting players to marijuana screenings after the 2019 season. This new rule extends to players in the minor leagues as well. Before the rule change, major league players who tested positive for cannabis use would have to enter a drug treatment program. The penalties for minor leaguers, who already receive much lower salaries, included suspensions, fines, and possible expulsion for repeat offenses.

This new policy allows players to benefit from the healing powers of cannabis, such as pain management, increased focus, reduced anxiety, and an increase in overall well-being. Of course, players can’t be high during games or break any other laws regarding cannabis, such as driving under the influence. Major League Baseball’s marijuana policy is now basically akin to their policy on alcohol.

MLB Players Cannot Be Sponsored by a Cannabis Company

Although progress has been made on this issue, Major League Baseball’s policy still prohibits ballplayers from making additional income through endorsements from cannabis companies. Medical marijuana is currently available in nearly every state / city that a team is located in. The only exceptions being Georgia, Texas, and Wisconsin.

As cannabis legalization continues to reduce the stigma surrounding the use of medical marijuana, Major League Baseball may change their stance on cannabis endorsement deals. After all, they recently began allowing ballplayers to sign contracts and earn income through endorsing alcohol.

Major Leaguers Who Use Cannabis

Because Major League Baseball doesn’t allow their athletes to officially endorse marijuana, we can’t be certain which players are benefitting from the natural relief of medical cannabis. However, there are several retired players who have been open about their use and support marijuana. Here are just a few of them:

Ryan Tucker

This pitcher had to drop out of baseball due to knee problems. It didn’t take the former first round draft pick long to get into the legal cannabis industry, opening his own dispensary and greenhouse in California.

David Wells

David Wells had a 21 year career in the majors, including a year where the pitcher won 20 games for the Toronto Blue Jays. After a lengthy career left him managing his pain with opioids, Wells was intrigued when he saw a 60 Minutes profile on a girl who cured her seizures with CBD. Wells decided to make the switch and “hasn’t touched a painkiller since.”

Ryan Garza

In 2008, Ryan Garza won the MLB MVP award while playing with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. These days, he’s on the west coast, where he was recently awarded licenses to open two separate marijuana dispensaries.

Kyle Blanks

Former Texas Ranger Kyle Blanks witnessed rampant opioid and prescription abuse during his time in the major leagues. He decided to take matters into his own hands by starting his own hemp farm, creating a signature line of CBD oil.

He was on a disastrous path, combining prescription painkillers with alcohol to numb the pain of his surgically repaired feet. The death of fellow Major Leaguer Tyler Skaggs was a wake up call for Kyle, who believes he is lucky to be alive. Through his line of CBD oil, he is working to make a difference by giving ballplayers an alternative means to manage their pain.

Tim Lincecum

Before the MLB loosened their stance on marijuana use, Tim Lincecum was pulled over by a police officer and charged with cannabis possession. Lincecum’s cannabis use is evidence that marijuana can be beneficial to athletes in their prime. After all, he was pulled over while in the peak of his career, right after finishing a second Cy Young winning season, and a year before leading the Giants to a World Series championship.

Many Athletes Use Cannabis for Recovery

Athletes of many disciplines have found that cannabis can help when recovering from physical activity. It’s great for pain management, post-competition inflammation. Additionally, medical marijuana can help athletes get a good night’s sleep so they can be well-rested and ready to compete. If it can help the world’s top athletes, maybe getting your Missouri medical marijuana card is something to consider.

Pitchers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need Relief

If you are ready to experience the natural relief that cannabis can provide, all you need is a Missouri medical marijuana card. If you still don’t have your card, we can help you with that! Our team of doctors are standing by to take you through a quick and easy evaluation to see if you qualify. Schedule an appointment with a marijuana professional online by CLICKING HERE, or give us a call at (877) 303-3117 to talk to a patient support representative.


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