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Cannabis and Sport; High Speed, High Elevation, High Intensity

- Do professional athletes use cannabis? What is the relationship between cannabis and sport?

Can you name one person who uses cannabis and participates in high level, physical activity?

According to Joe Rogan, famed fight commentator and broadcasting host, cannabis is frequently used in certain martial arts circles, especially before practice and competition.

That got us thinking, where else are people using cannabis in sports? Is it possible to play at an elite level while consuming cannabis?

Famous Athletes Who Use Cannabis

You might be surprised to hear a few of the names on our list of athletes who are known to use cannabis. Others are more high-profile, however.

Either way, these professional athletes are all examples of how cannabis can be properly used in sport.

Michael Phelps

Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all-time. He also was famously caught on camera using a bong around the same time he was competing. While he doesn’t claim that cannabis helps his performance, it hasn’t seemed to slow him down.

Nate Diaz

He’s one of the best fighters on the planet, but Nate has gotten punched in the face, a lot. He also got in trouble for vaping during a post-fight interview at which he said the CBD helps with his pain and inflammation after his fights.

Greta Gaines

Greta is an ex-Olympian who’s shown what adrenaline rushes are all about. She says that cannabis is used to help extreme athletes with anxiety before competition. She’s also the founder of The Hempery and an active member of Women Grow.

How Does Cannabis Help in Sport?

Cannabis appears to help professional athletes in a number of ways. Anecdotal evidence says that it decreases anxiety and helps athletes feel more relaxed during the most intense moments of their careers.

A 2018 paper, which was published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, noted that cannabis likely doesn’t have any performance-enhancing properties, but that it may be useful in pain management protocols.

Cannabis may help with post-competition inflammation, protect athletes after concussions, and reduce pain after sport-related injuries.

If it can help professional athletes, it might help you, too!

Can you perform physical activity after consuming cannabis? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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