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Missouri Lawmakers Fight Over Medical Marijuana Dispensary Prices - Patients Grow Their Own

Missouri Fights Over Dispensary Prices

Dispensary Prices May Come Down in the Future, but Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana is an Immediate Fix

When voters in Missouri overwhelmingly approved access to medical marijuana through the constitutional Amendment 2, did they know they were approving regulations that could make the medicine they wanted unattainable?

Probably not. And yet, this is what Lyndall Fraker, the director of medical marijuana regulation with DHSS, seems to be bent on doing by continuing to deny operating licenses and fighting every step of the way.

Licenses have been wrongfully denied. Growers and producers are working to get their products out the door faster to meet demand, but supply is still severely limited. Dispensaries—when they are finally approved to open—struggle to have inventory that is appealing to customers, and some have even had to limit their hours because of lack of product.

The backlash has been intense, with around 850 appeals to license denial since the program got started. Fighting has cost the state millions of dollars in legal fees, and Fraker expects the total to come out to about $6.5 million just this year.

According to The Missourian, Republican representative Scott Cupps, from Shell Knob, brought up concerns that the price of medical marijuana may drive those who have a Missouri marijuana card to find cheaper access and possibly supplying the black market.

Fortunately, having a Missouri marijuana card means that you do have other legal options for obtaining the relief you’ve been waiting for. Residents in Missouri smartly voted flexibility into the medical marijuana program in Missouri.

Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana in Missouri

If you have a medical marijuana card in the state of Missouri, you can apply for a permit to grow your own medical marijuana. And that’s just what a number of patients are doing across the Show-Me state.

The law allows holders of a Missouri marijuana card to have up to six mature marijuana plants, six non-flowering plants, and six clones. This means that you can time your grow cycle so that you are always in supply of your favorite strains of medical-grade marijuana.

Springtime is upon us, and now is a great time to get started beefing up your growing skills. Maybe even consider taking a class or joining a group, to get the know-how and support you need to grow the best product around.

Find a Caregiver to Supply Home-Grown Medical Marijuana

Caregivers can also register with the state to supply medical marijuana to up to three patients at a time. If you are not set up or prepared to grow your own medical marijuana, maybe you know someone who can help! If you have a friend with a green thumb, or your neighbor already grows their own medical marijuana, a simple registration fee will allow them to grow your plant medicine for you. Medical marijuana caregivers can grow for up to three patients, but the rules get a little more complicated if the caregiver is also a patient.

The regulations for home growing operations appear to be mostly with fire safety in mind. You can have up to 18 plants in each stage of growth under one roof, regardless of the combination of patients and caregivers growing.

Get Your Missouri Marijuana Card and Start Growing Today!

Planting season is here! Prices at dispensaries may be outrageous, but you can get a start on growing your own medical marijuana to avoid spending a fortune on your relief. Get in touch with our team at Missouri Marijuana Card today, schedule an appointment for an online medical marijuana evaluation, and get ready to grow your way to better health!

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