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Marijuana Vape Cartridges 101

Vape Cartridges 101: Everything You Need to Know

  • All about vape cartridges, what they are, where to get them, and how to use them.

Before iPhones came out in 2007, when people went to concerts, they simply watched and enjoyed the music.

Now, many spend half their time recording what they’re experiencing.

This isn’t to say that one version is better than the other, it just means that things change over time.

Whether it’s how people experience live music or how they consume cannabis, people’s ways have changed.

When it comes to cannabis, one of the hottest trends in the market is the ever-widening selection of vape cartridges.

What are vape cartridges?

Before vape cartridges, the tobacco industry saw the addition of e-cigarettes. The concept ran over into the cannabis industry.

Vape cartridges are small, self-contained delivery systems for the inhalation of cannabis vapor.

When attached to a battery, a heating unit within the cartridge will raise the temperature of the oil to a point where it vaporizes without burning.

This delivery system helps people inhale cannabinoids without having to consume burnt plant material.

The heating units themselves vary by material, such as:

  • Ceramic

  • Stainless steel

  • Quartz

Consumers should be fully aware of the device they are using.

For example, a 2018 paper suggests that metal heating units may post a health hazard to humans.

The paper, which was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, looked at e-cigarettes. However, the fundamental components of the mechanisms are the same as many vaping systems for cannabis.

The authors, Olmedo et al., noted that the devices “are a potential source of exposure to toxic metals (Cr, Ni, and Pb), and to metals that are toxic when inhaled (Mn and Zn).”

They found that the metal coils may be prone to leaking toxic metals because they found ”markedly higher concentrations in the aerosol and tank samples versus the dispenser.”

In other words, the liquid doesn’t contain traces of toxic metals until it comes into contact with the metal coil.

Then, the toxins are transferred into the liquid and, subsequently, into the vapor where it potentially passes to the consumer.

Ceramic and quartz heating units don’t seem to pose this problem.


Where can I get vape cartridges?

Vape cartridges can be found in most dispensaries and sometimes online.

However, it’s important to purchase your products through a licensed retailer. They’ll make sure the products are tagged with their safety testing certifications and you’ll know that you’re getting a genuine, tested, and safe product.

There is a chance, however small, that online purchases could lead to the consumption of counterfeit or untested products.

Moreover, it remains federally illegal to move cannabis products across state borders.

How do I use a vape cartridge?

First, you should do your research to find a battery and cartridge company that you trust.

Some cartridges use ceramic heating units which may provide some positive health benefits when compared with metal coils.

Moreover, not every cartridge contains the same ingredients. Find a product that contains only what you are looking for. The best part of cartridges is that they are customized to all types of flavors and experiences.

To use a vape cartridge, insert or screw in the cartridge to a fully-charged battery. Adjust the voltage to increase or decrease vapor creation. Use the pre-heat feature for 2-3 seconds before engaging the heating unit and drawing on the mouthpiece for one second.

If you think you could use a larger hit, draw for two or three seconds. Increase the voltage and draw length until you find what’s comfortable for you.

Be careful: you can’t always tell that you’re drawing in vapor until your lungs contort from overconsumption.

Use a vape cartridge with the common cannabis mantra: start low and go slow.

Vape cartridges are relatively new to the cannabis industry, but they don’t have to be intimidating. In fact, they’re straight forward and user-friendly.

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