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Trimming Your Cannabis Plants

Trimming Bud By Hand

It's all starts with handling. You want to be careful and show some love to your plant because every time you touch the dried flower the trichomes degrade. You want to do everything in your power to reduce damage to the trichomes because you just spent 8-12 weeks making sure they are as potent as possible. 

The only tools or equipment you will need are a pair of rubber gloves and some scissors.


It is rather important to get a quality pair of scissors. Some people use kitchen scissors, some use springloaded scissors, but the most efficient and least likely to cramp your hands are a pair of pruning scissors.

trimming medical marjuana plants

Trimming the Bigger Leaves
To start, you'll grab your selected branch and start cutting off the biggest pieces of plant material that do not contain THC. The only thing you want to walk away with is dry bud. You can save the stems and leaves for juicing or repurposing but it is to be separated from the bud. Do your best to always grab it by the stem of the branch to avoid touching the bud. Begin at the bottom of the branch and remove any individual buds from the stem with your scissors. Work your way up to the main cola and then cut the stem off completely. Cut the stem at the very base of your main cola. 

Once you have the buds off the stem, carefully remove the fan leaves from the bud. Snip the long dry leaves that have grown over and around the bud. Once you've snipped these leaves carefully up to the bud you'll want to make your way back around the bud again to clean up any excess leaves that hung around. You'll want to trim anything that looks like the marijuana leaf we see advertised everywhere. 

You'll want to work with the bud and be careful not to shave it with the scissors. You're goal is to remove anything that gets in the way from you seeing the bud and it's beautiful trichomes that you worked so hard to perfect. Once your bud is trimmed to your satisfaction place it in the jar and move on to the next plant, making sure to keep your scraps that can be utilized for other medical benefits.

trimming cannabis plants

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