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Transplanting Your Grow

The Proper Transplant: How to Move Your Cannabis Plants Between Containers

  • A clear guide on how to properly transplant cannabis plants while protecting the roots and inducing as little stress as possible.

An acorn tree would outgrow a doghouse.

A blueberry bush would outgrow a shoebox.

And your cannabis plants will outgrow their seedling cups.

You would probably already knew that, and that’s why you’re asking the question, “how do I properly transplant my cannabis without damaging the roots or inducing stress?”

Here, we’ll explore the fairly simple process required to transplant cannabis.

But don’t be lethargic in your approach.

Other than cutting off the stem during the cloning process, transplanting is the most traumatic thing cannabis plants undergo until they are harvested, dried, cured, ground, and smoked.

Follow these tips and tricks to make every transplant easier on your cannabis plants:

  • Start your seeds/clones in a peat pot or in a root cube.

  • Transplant into the same type of growing medium.

  • Aim for as little disturbance to the root system as possible.

  • Consider protecting your transplants from infection by dipping them in a 10% solution of vinegar before transplanting them.

There is more to properly transplanting cannabis than those tips, however.

13 Simple Steps to Properly Transplant Your Cannabis Clones and Seedlings

Follow these steps to transplant cannabis with as little stress to the plant as possible

  1. Water the clones/seedlings with a half-strength mix of either mycorrhizal fungi and/or Trichoderma bacteria.

  2. Wait one day.

  3. Fill your target container with your chosen medium within two inches to the top of your container and prepare the hole for your transplant.

  4. Water the growing medium with a salt-based hydroponic fertilizer or a quarter-strength, organic nutrient tea until the medium is fully saturated and the solution is flowing out of the bottom.

  5. Carefully remove your root ball or peat pot from its container by placing one hand over the top of with the stem sticking out, carefully flipping the pot, and then letting the plant gently fall out into your hand.

  6. Carefully place the root ball into the prepared hole of the target container.

  7. Keep the root ball level with the new medium.

  8. Gently but firmly compress the new growing medium and the root ball into one unit.

  9. Backfill around the root ball.

  10. Add a top layer of mulch.

  11. Water again with the solution from step 1 until the medium is saturated but not soaked.

  12. Place your transplants under a screen to dampen the harshness of the light for a few days.

  13. When they appear strong, move transplants to full light conditions.


By following those steps, you should be able to transplant your cannabis plants without causing them too much trauma.

Remember to move quickly but carefully when working with exposed roots.

If you found this article useful in helping you transplant cannabis, please share it with your friends so they can benefit, too!

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