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Soil Analysis for Cannabis Cultivation

 -How to analyze soil, identify needs, and how to adjust to ensure a healthy soil environment in your cannabis grow.

According to an article from 2014, cannabis has a specific set of needs in its soil.

In fact, what your plant grows in is more than simply soil; it also contains the endorhiza and rhizosphere.

There is an entire network of life communicating in your soil, and it’s your job to make sure it’s functioning properly.

To know how it’s functioning, you’ll need to test it.

You can send your soil off to a lab for professional testing, which may be costly for a home grower, like you.

Luckily, home soil tester kits are available at a reasonable price and provide accurate results.

You’ll find, over the course of the life of your plants you'll need to adjust for:

  • Water levels

  • Nutrient conditions

  • Care techniques

  • Pest Management

When using your testing kit, make sure that you:

  • Randomly test different locations

  • Test no deeper than 10 inches down

  • Maintain a 90-degree angle to the soil’s horizon during sampling

  • Use clean, well-labeled test bags to provide accurate results and ensure proper record-keeping

How to Alter the pH of Soil in Your Cannabis Grow

If you notice that the pH is off, there are several methods to adjust it.

In order to adjust the pH down, you can add lemon or vinegar.

To adjust the pH up, baking soda will be sufficient.

Thankfully, these types of adjustments can be made even if your plants are experiencing a nutrient deficiency because it’s a safe way to change the pH of your soil.
There are also pH testing and control kits bundled together available on Amazon.

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