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Tips for Watering Your Cannabis Plants

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

- Key concepts in cannabis plant watering with tips and tricks to make it easier.

Without the subways, taxis, and bridges, New York City wouldn’t be able to move around its 8.6 million people.

The infrastructure is integral to the population’s ability to commute from one point the another and exchange goods and services.

In a similar way, cannabis plants have their own infrastructure which ensures proper functioning throughout.

Let’s take a look at how growers should think about watering their cannabis plants.

Key Concepts of Watering Cannabis Plants

Instead of moving people from home to work and back again with a variety of mechanistic tools, the infrastructure of plants relies on a medium of water to transport nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant.

The quality of the water can affect the movement of the nutrients much like a broken train can delay people’s route to work.

To ensure maximum efficiency within the plant, some of the water is used to facilitate photosynthesis and extra water is evaporated off through the plant’s stomata.

During that evaporation, the plant will also release its waste products.

As the water continues its cycle throughout the plant, it collects manufactured starches to transport back down to the roots.

If growers want this process to go smoothly, let’s examine some ideas of how to water your cannabis plants.

Tips and Tricks for Watering Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants need to be treated to the best watering regimen possible, but how do growers do that?

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure an efficient watering schedule.

Test your water.

Knowing your water is the best way to know what to do with it. Its source is going to determine if it’s soft or hard and how many solids have been dissolved into it.

Filters are your friends.

Carbon filters work well to remove compounds such as:

● Chlorine

● Sediment

● Volatile organic compounds

● And more

Reverse osmosis filters can finish off the process by removing the dissolved mineral salts.

Alter the nutrient solution.

As the grower, you can change the pH, nutrient structure, and even the temperature of your water. Make sure you’re measuring, recording, and quantifying your methods to maximize your workflow.

50% Watering Rule

To get the ‘full weight’ your plant, water it and weigh it. Once they reach half of that weight, it’s time to water them again.

Parched Plants Produce Nothing

If you’re not properly managing how you water your cannabis plants, your harvest is going to be affected.

Since water moves so freely throughout plants, they also dry out quickly if not watered enough.

In the case of cannabis plants, the stressor would negatively impact the quality of the harvest both in terms of the size of buds and their potency.

If you’ve found this quick guide to water cannabis plants useful, please share it with your friends!

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