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Growing Your Cannabis: Clones vs. Seeds

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Whether you are a new grower of cannabis plants or a fairly experienced cultivator, understanding the difference between clones and seeds is important for your grow. There are differences in the techniques and pros and cons associated with both. If you’ve asked yourself which method is right for you, keep reading!

Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

You can purchase seeds from a reputable seed bank. One of the main pros is that you will have a good sense of what your plant will be in terms of yield, quality, and flowering time.

There are in fact, female and male seeds. When buying, you can get feminized seeds from a seed bank which means you will get 100% females (the pro: only female cannabis plants produce bud). This is ideal for growers who would like to experience cultivating new genetics or strains. Autoflowering seeds are born in the flowering stage. These types of seeds will typically mature within two months but will have less of a yield than feminized or regular seeds.

Some of the cons associated with this method is cost, time and the fact that not all seeds may germinate.

Growing from Clones

A clone is a cannabis plant that is literally a genetic copy of the mother plant. When you grow from a clone, you are using a clipping of another plant. This is ideal for growers who know exactly what they are looking for with their end-result. The characteristics of clones remain consistent with the original plant.

Cultivators and home growers often prefer clones over seeds because of quality consistency, less time and often less expensive. The biggest con is that environmental elements will impact a clone much more because of lack of genetic diversity.

No matter which way you decide to grow your cannabis, a major component to the growing process is establishing early on your goals for growing. We recommend keeping a journal of your journey as well as conducting plenty of research before diving into cannabis cultivation!

What is your favorite method to grow?

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