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THC-Infused Seltzer Popular in St. Louis, Could Soon Go National

St. Louis Cannabis Infused Seltzer Company Poised to Go National

The landscape of cannabis products is expanding at a rapid rate, and Missouri medical card holders have an incredible array of options when they visit their local dispensary. In addition to flower products, they can choose from tinctures, vapes, edibles, topicals, and now even a THC-infused seltzer.

THC-Infused Seltzer in Three Flavors

St. Louis-based Monarch Supply Company recently launched Society Seltzer, a brand new line of THC-infused beverages. Society comes in three flavors - Cherry Blossom, Blood Orange & Yuzu, and Ginger & Lime. Each twelve ounce can retails for seven dollars and, unlike most alcohol-infused seltzers, the cans are resealable.

Each can of seltzer is only 15 calories and contains 5MG of THC. On their website, Monarch Supply Company states the soda is made with natural ingredients, crafted with a “fast acting nano technology and fusion.”

This cannabis-infused seltzer is the first of its kind to be made in Missouri, and only recently started distribution. Marijuana patients can currently purchase Society in several dispensaries in the Greater St. Louis area, including four Swade locations, three Kind Goods dispensaries, and Missouri Wild Apothecary in O’Fallon. It should be available in dispensaries across the state in early 2022, and may soon hit shelves across the nation.

Monarch Supply Company: A Long History in Missouri

Although Society seltzers are brand new, Monarch Supply Company has been around for over seventy years, with most of their history being in the alcohol and brewing arenas.

In a recent profile with the Webster County Citizen, Monarch Chief Operations Officer Doug Mars stated “Our combined beer and cannabis experience gives our Society beverage portfolio an edge and an advantage.”

Prior to his work with Monarch, Mars had a 26 year-long career with Anheuser Busch, which puts him in good company with others associated with Anheuser-Busch who are getting into the cannabis industry. After leaving Busch, he worked as general manager of a local, high producing independent craft brewery before managing the first licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois.

Why “Society?”

The name “Society” has a purpose. Monarch Supply Company recognizes that cannabis patients have to deal with the unfair stigma that has surrounded marijuana use for decades. They are aiming to be part of the movement to change public perception of cannabis use. The name “Society” is a statement about how sociable an infused beverage is, and reflects the brand’s commitment to making cannabis socially acceptable.

The THC-infused seltzer was created in response to the growing trend of low-calorie, alcohol-infused seltzers. They wanted to create an alternative for those who want to make healthier choices and decrease the amount of sugar and alcohol they consume. They join a market that is already seeing other THC-infused beverages, such as MOHI, a non-alcoholic, cannabis beer.

In a recent conversation with Greenway Magazine, marijuana nurse April Hatch of Cannabis Care Team said “Cannabis is something else we’ve seen people replacing alcohol with, so a cannabis-infused seltzer is going to be a big hit among consumers. Cannabis is medicine for Missourians, and they want it to feel that way,” Hatch said, before adding, “Overconsumption is not as likely to occur with an option like this and that’s the number one reason why people who try cannabis never try again.”

Poised to Go National

Just last month, Monarch was invited to showcase Society seltzer at the Cannabis Drinks Expo in Chicago, Illinois. On November 15, they were able to join other THC-infused beverage brands, manufacturers and suppliers.

The event, which was hosted by the Beverage Trade Network featured around 500 cannabis industry professionals. Time will tell if nationwide distribution is in Society’s future, but simply being invited to the expo is a major sign the Missouri-based manufacturer could be on the verge of appearing in dispensaries across the United States.

If Society seltzer does get wide distribution across America, it could mean additional cannabis industry jobs, as well as more marijuana-based revenue and tax streams, which will further bolster the state economy.

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