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Route 66 Dispensary Employees Are First in Missouri to Join Labor Union

The medical marijuana industry continues to expand in the state of Missouri. To date, more than 150,000 residents of the Show Me State have been issued a medical marijuana card. In 2021, the medicinal cannabis industry brought in over 200 million dollars to bolster the state economy. This growth means more than just medical relief for the state of Missouri. Last year, more than 5,000 Missourians were employed by the marijuana industry.

First Medical Marijuana Union Employees in Missouri

With so many jobs, it was only a matter of time before employees began to unionize. This past month, the employees of St. Louis’s Route 66 Dispensary became the first group of medical marijuana workers to join a union, voting unanimously to allow United Food and Commercial Workers Local 655 to bargain collectively with their employer in their interests.

The concerns Route 66 employees brought forward included wages, sick leave, and vacation time. Although Route 66 dispensaries have multiple locations, at the current moment, only the employees at that St. Louis location will be included in the bargaining agreement.

Unionizing Ensures Employees Are Treated Fairly

By joining UCFW Local 655 - Missouri’s largest private sector local union, the employees of Route 66 dispensary will have an experienced union working on their behalf to make sure they are treated fairly in the workplace; including equity in regards to wages, workplace conditions, and job benefits.

In response to the Route 66 dispensary workers joining their ranks, local union president Dave Cook recently stated “Cannabis workers across the country are voting to join a union because they know it’s the best way to secure good wages and benefits on the job.” He continued, “Workers need economic security and fair treatment in the workplace, and cannabis workers are no different. We are committed to helping cannabis workers across Missouri.”

More Jobs Will Mean More Employees Join Unions

As the legal marijuana industry expands throughout the United States, more and more people will find themselves employed by medical or recreational marijuana businesses. With reports of rapid growth, more people than ever are leaving their jobs for a career in the cannabis industry. As the next generation enters college, many of them are seeking educational programs that will put them on the path to work in marijuana-related jobs.

With the number of cannabis employees skyrocketing not only in the state, but across the country, we can expect to see more groups of workers joining unions. It only makes sense. Unions allow employees to band together to ensure that they aren’t being forced to work unfair hours, that their conditions on the job are safe, that they are being treated fairly, receiving the benefits that they deserve, and wages that are commensurate with their work.

“America’s Most Powerful Cannabis Union”

That term sounds lofty, but “America’s Most Powerful Cannabis Union” is exactly what the United Food and Commercial Workers union was called in a 2019 Rolling Stone Article. The employees of Route 66 dispensary just joined the local branch of a national union that boasts more than 1.3 million members and the kind of political clout that is helping to get laws passed across the country.

In addition to representing workers in the cannabis industry, UFCW represents employees in the fields of healthcare, packaging and processing, retail, chemical, and distillery, including employees of small businesses and workers in worldwide corporations, such as Nestle, Amazon, and Kroger.

Unions Have A Rich History of Improving Work Conditions

Over the years, unions have given us many working conditions that we may take for granted, helping to make certain things standard in most full-time workplaces. Here are some things that have become commonplace work conditions that we would not have if it weren’t for the collective bargaining power of unions:

  • Two Day Weekend

  • Unemployment Benefits

  • Worker’s Compensation

  • Employer-based Healthcare

  • 40 Hour Work Week

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave

Route 66 dispensary employees are the first group of employees to unionize in Missouri, but we expect others to follow suit as the medical marijuana industry continues to flourish, and state legislators continue to push for further cannabis opportunities, such as legalized recreational marijuana.

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