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Why People Are Leaving Their Jobs for a Career in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is booming, as more than 138,000 Missouri residents have their medical marijuana card. By the end of 2021, the state brought in more than two hundred million dollars in cannabis revenue. The medical marijuana field currently provides jobs for more than 5,000 Missourians, and this is just the beginning! With the industry still in its early stages, these numbers are expected to rise with continued growth.

Subsequently, many Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs, and more employees quit their jobs in 2021 than ever before. During December alone, 4.3 million Americans left their occupations, adding to a staggering annual total of 47.4 million workers who voluntarily left positions in 2021.

Workers are seeking better opportunities and aren’t afraid to go elsewhere to find them. Many Americans are discovering that they can be well-compensated for their skills and labor in the blossoming legal cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Industry is Brand New

One of the most exciting things about the legal marijuana field is that this industry is in its infancy. Cannabis is already generating billions of dollars across the nation, despite legislation in most areas being relatively new.

The precedents for how this industry will be run decades from now are in the process of being set. Years into the future, cannabis employees will look back to those who were working in the industry at this time as the field’s founding members.

Medical Marijuana Is Work That Matters

There is something to be said for “being part of something bigger than yourself”, and many employees in the cannabis field have the sense that they are part of an overall change in the world. It’s rare that workers feel like they are part of making history, so many people are moving to the cannabis field because, at the end of the day, legalizing this life-changing medicine is something they believe in.

Cannabis Support Jobs Need Special Skills

In addition to the jobs that work directly with cannabis, such as dispensary employees and workers at growing and cultivation facilities, the industry is teeming with opportunities in areas that support the medical marijuana industry.

People with a background in fields such as marketing, project management, web design, security, customer service, sales, and administration can find a way to put their specialties to use in the cannabis field. Cannabis-related employment has grown so much that staffing agencies, such as Highlight Staffing, are popping up solely to focus on cannabis-related employment.

Many workers with special skills are finding that transitioning to the medical marijuana industry is easy, because what they have to offer is being welcomed with open arms.

Educational Programs Designed for Long-Term Success

Many Americans are going back to school for cannabis-related degrees and certificate programs which will allow them to start over in the marijuana field. Even if you don’t already have the skills necessary for a job in cannabis, these programs are worth looking into, because they could lead to a long-term career.

Cannabis-focused educational programs are popping up all over the nation, including some at very well-respected institutions. You can find college courses and certificate programs including, but not limited to medicinal plant chemistry, cannabis law, and even a bachelor’s of science program that focuses on marijuana physiology and growth.

Medical Marijuana’s Large Revenue Means Opportunity

Some workers are quitting their jobs because they see the possibilities in becoming a cannabis entrepreneur. There are organizations dedicated to helping new business owners succeed in the medical marijuana field, such as JAINE, which focuses on empowering women business owners in the cannabis industry. America has long been touted as the land of opportunity, and many Americans see medical marijuana as something that can give them the chance to thrive.

Job Satisfaction Is High

Perhaps the main reason why so many Americans areleaving their jobs for positions in the cannabis field is because they believe in the healing power of medical marijuana. When their work day is over, they can go home knowing their efforts went toward helping other humans get relief.

Former pharmacist, Jason Zvokel, recently spoke with the Washington Post about leaving his job for employment at a dispensary. Although Zvokel makes less money at the dispensary than he did as a pharmacist, he says it’s worth it because he enjoys his work so much more.

He mentions more manageable hours and says he enjoys the camaraderie with other employees that was missing at his previous job. “I am so much happier,” said Zvokel, 46, who has been working retail since he was eighteen years old. He continues, “For the first time in years, I’m not miserable when I come home from work.”

Relief? That’s OUR job.

If you’re ready to experience the natural relief that cannabis provides, you’ll need a Missouri medical marijuana card. If you don’t have your card yet, we can help! Our doctors are standing by to take you through a quick and easy evaluation to see if you qualify. Schedule an appointment with a marijuana professional online by CLICKING HERE, or give us a call at (877) 303-3117 to talk to a patient support representative.


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