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Need a Hero? Find One in These Cannabis Themed Comic Books

Marijuana has gotten a bad rap in popular culture for far too long, from stigma-inducing public service announcements, to uninformed televised after-school specials. Comic books, as far back as the 1950s, have also played a part in reinforcing the false narrative that paints marijuana as a villainous, evil entity.

Missouri medical marijuana patients may be surprised to finally see cannabis use reflected in a positive light in comics. This wasn’t always the case. Before medical marijuana legislation began to change the conversation around cannabis, it was often depicted as a debilitating gateway drug that led to a downward spiral for all who consumed it.

Now, even comic book juggernaut Marvel is embracing cannabis, legalizing marijuana in the Marvel Universe. This isn’t to say marijuana was always the bad guy in past comic iterations. If you’re looking for an underground cult classic of the ‘60s, it’s worth your time to check out The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. But, comics like these were the exception, rather than the rule.

The national conversation around cannabis is changing, however, and comic books are reflecting that evolution. Believe it or not, you can even attend a convention specifically-focused on the intersection of marijuana and comic books. For marijuana patients who are looking for a hero they can relate to, here are some of our favorite cannabis-themed comic books:


Marijuanaman is the creation of Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley, one of the greatest cannabis advocates of all-time. Marijuanaman is an alien who is visiting earth with a mission to save his home planet. With the symbol for THC emblazoned on his chest, Marijuanaman isn’t the most subtle of superheroes, but the plot goes deeper than you might think. There are plenty of musical references to satisfy fans of Ziggy’s father, and the story contains a positive message readers can feel good about.

Captain Cannabis

The story of the creation and persistence of Captain Cannabis goes hand-in-hand with the legalization of medical marijuana. Canadian comic book artist Verne Andru released the first issue of Captain Cannabis way back in 1975, and the comic recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

When asked about Captain Cannabis’s ideals, Andru said “Captain Cannabis is the first superhero dedicated to peace, love, and understanding. He is the superhero that we all have inside of us. He’s a stoner created in the spirit of underground comics.” The story is about an intergalactic weed strain that changes the main character into a superhero who attempts to prevent people from mistreating each other and being jerks. Oh, and he’s trying to save Earth, too.

For a long time, Verne Andru found the negative stigma surrounding marijuana culture made it difficult for him to find space to sell his comics at conventions. Since legislation has legalized cannabis in many places, he says a major change has occurred. “Now I have people super excited about my work lining up at my stands and… they even ask for selfies! "

James Bong

James Bong is pretty much exactly what you think it is - a marijuana-themed parody of secret agent James Bond. James Bong is a “cannabis crusader.” He protects marijuana smokers from harm and injustice.

With a story that is more than just stoner humor, the comic also strives to educate readers about cannabis.

It tackles the legalization issue for patients who need relief. In one issue, James Bong helps a mother, who uses marijuana to fight her Crohn’s disease, in an attempt to get her son back after her home is raided by police.

Weed Magic

Weed Magic tells the tale of two friends who receive an exotic strain of cannabis from a mystic stranger. Just as the title implies, this weed is magic, and the main characters, Moe and Bunny, discover it gives them fleeting superpowers. The comic book has been described as the “lovechild of Pineapple Express and The Greatest American Hero.

Bluntman and Chronic

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Bluntman and Chronic - the brainchild of indie filmmaker and podcaster, Kevin Smith. Bluntman and Chronic started out as a fictional comic book in his movie Chasing Amy, and continued to appear in several other films in the View Askewniverse.

Eventually, Smith gave the fans what they wanted and turned the alter-egos of his Jay and Silent Bob characters into an actual comic book. In this special-edition three-issue comic, Jay and Silent Bob win the lottery and decide to become superheroes, christening themselves the titular Bluntman and Chronic.

Pop-Culture Finally Embracing Positive Impact of Cannabis

There’s nothing fictional about the positive impact medical marijuana is having for patients across Missouri. As legislation passes in more areas, medical marijuana will continue to rise above the false narrative that has surrounded cannabis use for decades. We can look forward to seeing marijuana depicted in a more positive light in future comic books and other areas of popular culture.

Be your own marijuana hero.

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