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Missouri Moves to Ban Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Evaluations.

Some Missouri lawmakers in the House of Representatives have taken the first steps toward placing a ban on patients obtaining a recommendation for medical marijuana through telemedicine. House Bill 1896, if passed, would require all patients seeking treatment with medical marijuana to have an in-person evaluation with a physician in order to obtain a certification form.

The driving force behind the bill is to stop some of the telemedicine physicians that are taking advantage of the system to make quick money, while not meeting the standard of care required by the state of Missouri. Critics of the Missouri's medical marijuana bill argue that eliminating telemedicine would restrict access to those in need by forcing patients who suffer from chronic and debilitating conditions to find transportation to the nearest marijuana doctor clinic. This is a valid point, as patients with mobility issues are currently able to obtain a recommendation from the comfort of their own home

However, patients in Missouri shouldn't worry too much, because Missouri Marijuana Card will be here to help patients, no matter what law is passed. While we currently offer telemedicine evaluations, we also have physical locations throughout the state. If telemedicine is banned in Missouri, we will begin offering in-home evaluations to accommodate patients with chronic and debilitating conditions.

Keep in mind that patients who have already had a telemedicine evaluation and received a physician certification form will still hold a valid medical marijuana card and be able to access dispensaries throughout the state.

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