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Marijuana Taxes in Missouri Will Increase by 3% in Springfield: What This Means for Missourians

Missouri has witnessed a significant development in its marijuana taxation landscape following recent elections. In a majority of municipalities, voters overwhelmingly approved measures to add a 3% tax to marijuana and related items sold by dispensaries for recreational use.

This change will have substantial implications for the cost of marijuana in these areas and potentially affect consumers' purchasing decisions. In this in-depth article, we will delve into the details of this tax increase, its impact on Missourians, and why considering medical marijuana might be a prudent choice for individuals seeking alternative therapeutic options.

A Statewide Shift in Marijuana Taxation

In recent elections, voters across Missouri found an additional question on their ballots, one that asked whether they supported a 3% tax on marijuana and related products sold by dispensaries for recreational use. This tax would apply to items such as recreational marijuana, and it garnered resounding support in nearly all municipalities where it was proposed.

Cities such as Kansas City, St. Louis, and Columbia, along with counties like Jackson, St. Louis, and Boone, all approved these tax measures. It's worth noting that Springfield and Greene County, despite being among the most populous areas, did not include a marijuana tax measure on their ballots. Officials in Greene County had previously cited a crowded ballot and a wait-and-see approach as reasons for their decision to abstain from the vote.

Interestingly, the 3% local tax is an addition to the existing 6% state tax on sales of recreational marijuana, which was authorized when voters passed Amendment 3, legalizing marijuana in November. Importantly, this local tax does not extend to sales under the medical marijuana laws enacted in 2018, as sales of medical marijuana are taxed at a lower rate of 4% by the state.

These newly imposed taxes come in addition to general state and local sales taxes, which can sometimes reach as high as 10%. The combined taxation can make marijuana, particularly for recreational use, a more expensive commodity for consumers in affected municipalities.

A Positive Response from the Marijuana Industry

The Missouri Cannabis Trade Association has been vocal in its response to the high rate of passage for these tax measures. The association believes that the broad acceptance of these ballot measures reflects the enthusiasm of cities across the state for legal marijuana sales. While they did not provide a comprehensive list of all locations where ballot measures were presented to voters, they did emphasize that communities from every corner of the state are eager to participate in this flourishing industry.

Notably, the marijuana industry in Missouri has already seen substantial success, with over $100 million in sales recorded in the first month after legal sales commenced. This robust start to Missouri's adult-use marijuana program has garnered national and international acclaim for its customer-friendly approach.

How the New Revenue Will Be Utilized

The revenue generated from these newly imposed taxes will serve various purposes, with St. Louis exemplifying how it plans to utilize the additional funds.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones announced that the revenue would be directed towards communities where marijuana law enforcement had significant economic impacts and where a lack of capital restricted access to the medical marijuana program. This strategic allocation of funds aims to rectify historical injustices and bolster neighborhoods throughout the city.

Understanding the Limits of Marijuana Sales Taxes

It's crucial to understand that, under the provisions of the constitution, city and county marijuana sales taxes cannot be stacked. In other words, a county marijuana sales tax applies exclusively to dispensaries located in unincorporated areas and cannot be levied within municipal boundaries.

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Kip Kendrick clarified the interpretation, stating that the intention of the amendment's drafters was to prevent the stacking of these taxes. While there is at least one dispensary operating outside any city limits in Boone County, the decision to raise taxes was made to align with municipalities and coincide with the introduction of this tax in county municipalities.

The Role of Medical Marijuana

Amidst these changes in taxation, it's important to consider the role of medical marijuana in Missouri's evolving marijuana landscape. Medical marijuana continues to be a compelling option for individuals seeking alternative treatments for various medical conditions.

Here are some reasons why you should consider medical marijuana:

  • Expert Guidance: In the realm of medical marijuana, healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in patient care. They offer personalized guidance to ensure that patients receive safe and effective treatments tailored to their specific medical needs.

  • Quality Assurance: Medical marijuana products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee safety and quality. Patients can have confidence in the purity and potency of the products they use.

  • Legal Protections: While the landscape for recreational marijuana evolves, medical marijuana patients in Missouri enjoy specific legal protections. Possessing a medical marijuana card ensures compliance with state laws, providing peace of mind for patients.

  • Tailored Treatment: Medical marijuana offers patients access to specific strains and products designed to address their unique medical conditions. Whether it's pain management, anxiety relief, or the treatment of chronic illnesses, medical marijuana provides personalized solutions.

If you're considering medical marijuana in Missouri, obtaining a medical marijuana card is the first step. The process typically involves the following steps:

  • Eligibility Verification: Check if you meet the eligibility criteria, including residency and qualifying medical conditions.

  • Consult a Certified Physician: Schedule a consultation with a certified physician registered with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

  • Receive Physician's Recommendation: Obtain a physician's recommendation for medical marijuana based on your medical condition.

  • Register with the State: Complete the registration process with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, which may include paying the required fee.

  • Approval and Card Issuance: Await approval and receive your medical marijuana card, granting you legal access to a range of medical marijuana products.

Embracing Informed Choices

As Missouri adapts to changes in marijuana taxation, individuals seeking alternative therapies should consider the merits of medical marijuana. While recreational marijuana undergoes transformations in taxation, medical marijuana offers a trusted and regulated option for those seeking relief from various medical conditions.

Whether you're intrigued by the evolving marijuana landscape or seeking tailored medical treatment, informed choices can lead to improved health and well-being.

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