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  • Ashley Slimak

Indoors vs. Outdoors: Which is Best for Growing Cannabis?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Is it better to grow your cannabis plants inside or outside? This is a highly debated topic among the cannabis community. So which is best? Indoor cultivation provides consistency through tighter controlling factors, such as light and water management, while outdoor cannabis plants can be more cost-effective, grown on lower-cost land, and using natural sunlight to help them grow. Each method has obvious benefits, but is one better than the other? Let's find out.

Growing Outdoors

Did you know that growing outside in colder climates (or during the winter months depending on where you live) can be better for growing cannabis? If you are planning on turning your cannabis into concentrates you may want to consider this option. Growing cannabis during colder, winter weather is beneficial to growers who are planning to use their cannabis as a concentrate because plants grown in colder temperatures produce lower yields and average THC concentration. High THC content and low yield are not important factors for growers who cultivate outdoors and are growing to produce concentrates. If you are looking to grow higher grade cannabis, growing outdoors may not be the route for you.

However, if you do plan to grow your cannabis outdoors, it is important to adapt to the climate in your area. The biggest mistake growers make is growing cannabis for a large plant. Bigger is not always better. If the end goal is the harvest, small, single-stem plants can produce more flowers.

Growing Indoors

One thing everyone can agree on is that quality is always an important factor to consider when purchasing cannabis. Indoor cultivation makes it easier for growers to maintain consistent results. If you are growing for a high-THC component, indoor cultivation may be the best option for you, despite the startup costs. When growing indoors, patients can better identify what factors contribute to the plant, due to the controlled environment.

So, one method is not necessarily better than the other. What is best is first determining your goals. Another option is to use both methods! We would love to hear your tips and tricks for growing cannabis and which methods work best for you! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to follow our growing tips and methods and join the conversation!

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