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  • Bailey Porras

Does Marijuana Use Prevent You From Giving Blood?

Giving blood is an excellent way to help people and give back. Most people can give blood, but it is estimated that someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds, so anyone who is eligible should give blood as often as they can.

Given the fact that cannabis is still illegal at a federal level, it is sometimes confusing to figure out exactly what is allowed or legal. However, cannabis users, no matter how frequent, are not excluded in blood donation.

Although there are lots of things that may disqualify someone from donating blood, marijuana use is not typically one of them. The only time cannabis use would get in the way of blood donation is if the user is noticeably impaired during their appointment.

According to the American Red Cross, “While the Red Cross does not encourage the use of controlled substances, marijuana or alcohol use does not necessarily disqualify you from giving blood as long as you are feeling well.”

Things That May Disqualify a Person From Giving Blood

Although marijuana users are in the clear, there are plenty of other factors that are taken into consideration when a person would like to donate blood. Here is a current list of things that may disqualify a person from blood donation:

  • If you have ever injected an illegal drug, you may not ever give blood

  • You cannot have any type of blood-borne virus

  • Certain cancers or history of cancers may disqualify you

  • If you have had a blood transfusion in the last 3 months, you cannot donate

  • You cannot be pregnant or nursing

  • You cannot be ill or have low iron

  • You cannot be on antibiotics

There are many other things that could affect your ability to donate blood, including the medications you are on, organ transplants, pulse rate, and more. Even tattoos and the location you got them could affect your eligibility.

For more information on eligibility criteria for the Red Cross, click here.

How to Donate Blood

If you would like to donate blood, you can do so in a few easy steps. People can typically donate up to 3 times a year, so if you have not done so already and if you are eligible, you should really consider it!

Click here to find a blood drive. The Red Cross website will prompt you to enter your zip code, then it will show you a list of locations near you where you can visit to donate blood or power red, which is a collection of mostly red cells. Power red returns most of your plasma and platelets.

Each location shows times and dates available and some locations offer prizes for blood donation. Be sure to check out where you can donate!

Try Medical Marijuana Today

Luckily, medical and recreational users of cannabis can donate blood through the American Red Cross. If you have not recently done so, you should really consider giving blood, as an American needs blood every 2 seconds.

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