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Medical Marijuana and Microdosing

Microdosing With Cannabis Gives You The Power

Imagine if one little bite of a cookie could curb your sweet tooth.

Consider how it nice it would be to get all the nature you need with just a breath through an open window.

Pretend that a cup full of water is all it would take to have a satisfying bath.

Okay, you can stop imagining these things, because there are some things that are simply impossible to attain by consuming a micro-portion.

However, when it comes to the world of cannabis, less might be more. That’s where we find people who are microdosing their cannabis.

Why would they do that?

cannabis fan leaves
cannabis fan leaves
microdosing medical marijuana
cannabis heals

What happens if you get too high?

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to happen. Growers have come up with a range of cannabis varieties that are low in THC. In fact, in many countries, medicinal marijuana is only available in buds with 1% THC or less.

In this case, microdosing might be your only option.

Moreover, there are also strains with relatively higher levels of THC that contain a congruent gain in CBD. This is important because, according to a 2013 review of the literature, “the few studies that exist on the effects of CBD show that this cannabinoid can counteract some of the [psychotropic] effects of THC.”

That is, CBD dampens the high experienced by the consumer. Therefore, strains with higher CBD:THC rations may help you in your quest to microdose.

What Is the Optimal Dosage for Microdosing Cannabis?

Everyone is different. Your dose may be less your friend’s.

The best way to discover your optimal dosage is to follow the old cannabis adage: start low and go slow.

That way, you can let the effects slowly impact you until you’re sure you don’t need anymore.

What is the best way to Microdose Cannabis

Some people recommend eating cannabis since it’s the healthiest way to consume it. However, the effects can take up to two hours to begin and edibles can be hard to properly dose.

A vape pen allows for smooth, controlled draws without the harshness of burnt plant material.

Consider patches for controlled doses through the skin or a tincture for targeted dosing under the tongue.

Should you microdose CBD as well?

Not necessarily.

Humans don’t develop a tolerance to CBD like we do THC. Therefore, you’ll also never need to increase your CBD consumption.

Your best bet for CBD is to find your minimum threshold for efficacy, then try to reach that limit without going over. This figure might not be in the ‘microdose’ range, but it’s still focused on controlling intake.

While research continues to grow around cannabis, we’re the first to acknowledge that consumption isn’t always an exact science.

Everyone will react differently to cannabis. Microdosing is one way to make sure you react the way you want to.

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