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Marijuana Seed Germination

What Is Germination?

Germination is defined as "the development of a plant from a seed or spore after a period of dormancy." This is one of the very first steps you will take in cultivating your medical marijuana. Germination is known as the planting or watering of the seed prior to getting its roots. 


Whenever you start your grow, you'll want to understand what kind of seeds to look for. White seeds are premature seeds. Dark hard-shelled seeds are going to be the healthiest to choose from. Make sure to pick out good seeds, buy the best of the best if you can. This will help you yield as much as you possibly can when it comes time to harvest. 

medical marijuana sees before germination
medical marijuana seeds popping sprouts

How Do You Germinate Seeds?
Once you've picked the best of the best seeds, it's time to start. Simply take a cup and fill it with tap water. Drop your seeds into the cup of water.  Let the seeds sit in the cup of water for approximately 24 hours. You will see them sink to the bottom of the cup. 

Once you've verified the seeds have sunk to the bottom of the water, let them sit for another two to three hours. From there you will remove the seeds from the cup and place them on a wet paper towel. Make sure the towel is damp and not soaked. You are using the paper towel as a sponge. 

From here you will arrange the seeds on the paper towel, fold it and place the paper towel in a zip lock bag. You'll want to write the date and the time on the bag and wait approximately two days before you revisit your seeds. After opening the bag, you will see the roots have started to sprout from the seeds. 

Now that you've sprouted roots, your seeds are ready to be placed in the soil. You will want your soil to be moist, but not too damp. If you spritz the plant too much, it may get mildew or mold. If you plant it in soil that isn't moist enough, the seed will dry out and die. A good tip to avoid this would be to add mulch over the top of the plant. This retains moisture to balance the seedling and allow it to pop through the soil. 

Now you've completed the germination process and you're ready to move on.

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