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Using THC Pills: Risks and Benefits

You may not have heard of THC pills yet, but they are the newest form of medication in Missouri's medical marijuana market!

Like every drug, marijuana has both risks and benefits, and cannabis capsules are no different. One of the best things about THC pills is that they are odorless and tasteless, making them a great option for people who wish to keep their medicine discreet.

If you have a relative or friend who you think could benefit from marijuana, THC pills would be a great option for them to ease into the transition from prescription pills to marijuana. People are generally more comfortable with capsules, because they have experience taking them, while marijuana flower and edibles can be a bit intimidating to new users.

THC pills are also a great option for those who have preconceptions about marijuana and the type of people who use it. There has been a lot of progress on reducing the stigma of marijuana use, and it will only get better from here!

Types of THC Pills

At your local dispensary, there are a few types of THC pills that you can purchase:

  • Oil capsules, usually 5-25mg

  • Flower capsules

  • THC isolate capsules

Oil capsules are clear and you can usually see the oil inside of them. Flower capsules contain heated flower and all other cannabinoids found in marijuana. THC isolate capsules are pure THC and do not contain any other cannabinoids.


THC pills are pre-dosed, which can be great for people who want to keep track of their dosage. Keeping a journal of your dosage is important, especially if you are new to medical marijuana. If you are inconsistent with your dosing, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how much medicine you will need to feel relief, which could lead to you taking more than you need.

When you consume more marijuana than you “need” to feel the desired effect, your tolerance will increase. When your tolerance increases, you will need to continue upping your dosage, which can become costly.

You consume THC pills just like you would any other capsule medication, by swallowing them with food or drink. Cannabis capsules are great for those who wish to keep their cannabis use private, and they are very portable like regular medication. With THC pills, you don’t need to worry about bringing an extra bag with marijuana accessories.

Cannabis capsules may also be a good option for those who are dieting, since they will have no added sugars and zero calories, unlike edibles. Since you won’t have to inhale smoke they also are easier on your lungs.


Although THC pills may not require smoke inhalation, there are still other risks that come with taking them. Just like other forms of cannabis, THC pills might cause drowsiness, dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, and more.

Tracking your dosage and starting off with low THC-content pills will help to counteract these effects and their severity.

Another issue to consider is that THC pills are not natural like cannabis flower. Many people get off opioids and transition to cannabis because it is a safe and natural option. However, THC pills contain chemicals used in manufacturing, which means they are no longer as natural.

The chemicals used in the manufacturing of THC pills can cause reactions, depending on the person, just like opioids or other drugs can. If you would rather go the natural route and steer clear of unwanted additives, flower might be a better choice for you.

Bottom Line

Before you try THC pills, consult with your doctor. In order to access marijuana in any form, you will need your Missouri marijuana card. Our doctors are trained in all things marijuana, so if you need some advice, they are here to help!

If you don’t already have your Missouri marijuana card, we can help you with that! Our doctors are standing by to take you through a quick and easy evaluation to see if you qualify. During your evaluation, they will be happy to answer all your questions about how cannabis may be able to help with your anxiety or any other medical conditions.

Schedule an appointment with a marijuana professional online by giving us a call at

(877) 303-3117 to talk to a patient support representative.


Doctors Who Care.

Relief You Can Trust.

At Missouri Marijuana Card, our mission is to help everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce the stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

Call us at (877) 303-3117, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting the relief you can trust today!

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