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  • Olivia Castro

Things You and Cannabis Have in Common

Things you and marijuana have in common

You and Medical Marijuana are Two Peas in a Pod!

Things you and cannabis have in common

I know what you are thinking. “What could I possibly have in common with a random plant?” I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s more than you think. Don’t just take my word for it! Read more for a list of the things you and cannabis have in common!

You both please those around you

Face the truth! Cannabis and you know how to light up a room. Both you and cannabis give everyone exactly what they need. From exciting energy to a calm, relaxing mood; you are considerate and give the people around you a good time!

You both can thrive inside or outside

You can spend hours outside hiking, fishing, climbing, swimming or laying out in the sun! But that is not all you also can work with. You are also cool with a cozy winter night around the fireplace or a movie marathon on a rainy day. You and cannabis alike do just fine both indoors or outdoors!

You both smell good

What scent are you wearing? Whatever it is, it’s working for you! Both you and cannabis have your own fragrance that is unique to you and draws everyone around you in. You both smell delectable!

You both make great night time company

Whether it is spooning, cuddling or getting some late night Netflix binging on, we know you are our go-to person for the job! You are cozy and comforting which is why you make for a great nighttime companion. Both when you or cannabis are involved, we know the perfect night is bound to happen!

You both have grown

Let’s keep it real: the past year has not been the easiest. As a matter of fact, the pandemic made it pretty difficult. But no matter what was thrown at you this year, you keep growing and glowing. Both you and cannabis have grown from a little seedling to the full blown flower you are today!

You both like to keep it natural

Cannabis and you are both environmentally friendly and like to be as plant-based as possible. Even though being plant-based is a new trend, you and cannabis were on top of that one before everyone else. You both know how to “go green!”

You both look good

You’ve got the look! You and cannabis have that “it” factor. You both have distinctive physical qualities about you that make you stand out from the crowd. You take our breath away, you beautiful thing you!

Now, you can see how much you and cannabis have in common!

If you or someone you know has a medical condition and is interested in medical marijuana, head to our website and schedule an appointment to see if you qualify!

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