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Thing To Know About Cannabis Concentrates

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

If you are a new medical marijuana patient, you may be asking yourself what are concentrates? How do I use them? Are they the right fit for me? Continue reading this blog for the pros and cons of cannabis concentrates.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Think of a jar of honey. When you tip the jar, the honey comes out slowly and is thick in texture. This is similar to the consistency of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates consist of a high potency form of THC. Most commonly, cannabis concentrates come in forms that look similar to honey, or a small piece of butter. If you normally purchase cannabis flower, you can expect the levels of THC to range from 20-30%, while concentrates have much higher ranges of THC. Concentrates range from 40-80%, making them popular for baking edibles, or just by consuming them on their own for those who are in need of a stronger dose of THC.

How do you use concentrates?

There are many different ways to consume cannabis concentrates. You may prefer to bake edibles with concentrates. This is a popular method of consumption due to recipes only needing a small amount to produce the desired effects. Another option is to vaporize your concentrates. This can be done through a vape pen purchased from a dispensary. Traditionally, most would refer to ‘dabbing’ as the most popular way to consume concentrates. ‘Dabbing’ is the process of vaporizing the concentrate. To do this, you need a hot surface and a special pipe to inhale through.

The Pros of Concentrates


If you use cannabis to treat severe or chronic pain relief, concentrates are a great option. With nearly double the amount of THC, concentrates can be ideal for those who need more THC to treat their condition.


As cannabis processors continue to produce concentrates, the flavor has significantly improved over time. If you are used to consuming cannabis in the flower form, you can tell that each strain has a distinct taste and aroma. Just like flower, you can purchase a specific strain of concentrate that helps treat different symptoms than others.


Another benefit of using concentrates is the lack of smoke/smell of the traditional flower form. You may prefer to keep your cannabis use private or do not like the odor of traditional flower. Vaping concentrates is a good method for those who prefer to keep their medical cannabis use private.

The Cons of Concentrates


Due to concentrates providing more THC than other forms of cannabis, purchasing concentrates can be more costly than other cannabis products. You may prefer other cannabis products to save on cost.


By using concentrates more frequently than forms of cannabis, you can develop a tolerance. If you constantly use concentrates and then decide to switch back to other methods of consumption, you might find you need more flower to achieve the same results you do with concentrates.

No matter which form of cannabis you decide to use, you should speak with your doctor or budtender about the benefits and negatives of each product. Make sure that you track how concentrates make you feel, if there was relief of your symptoms and your dosage.

Missouri Marijuana Doctors

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Nelly Johnson
Nelly Johnson
Nov 05, 2020

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