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The Best Time To Grow Medical Marijuana Outdoors

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

In many states, such as Missouri, local cannabis laws allow patients to grow their own medical cannabis. With dispensaries not currently open in Missouri, it's important for patients to know the ins and outs to growing cannabis.

Benefits to Growing Your Own Cannabis

There are many benefits to growing your own medical cannabis. One major benefit to growing your own cannabis is that you have control over the entire process, including the quality of your medication. This might put pressure on a first-time grower, however, it’s a relief to others knowing that they have complete control over the entire process of growing their own medical cannabis.

Having a Missouri Marijuana Card allows medical patients to grow up to six plants. We recommend starting off slow, with a small number of plants so you can focus on growing for a high yield. Growing cannabis with a high yield will produce more potent cannabis, which means you will need less to medicate properly, since it is stronger. One thing to keep in mind is that your plant will need at least four to six hours of sunlight each day to produce quality cannabinoids. The more sunlight your plant gets, the higher the weight will be at the end of the growing process. A perk of outdoor growing is that it is cost effective. This means that if you plan your grow correctly, you have everything you need right in your backyard! You can also plant your cannabis in flower pots so that you can easily move them around to soak up the most sunlight.

Don’t have a backyard?

No problem! You can still grow your cannabis from your small space! Balconies and patios are great for growing, as long as you are making sure your plants are getting enough sunlight and water each day.

There are many benefits to outdoor growing, but when is the best time to start an outdoor grow?

Spring time is ideal to start your outdoor grow. If you start in the spring, your plants will grow tall in the early months and into the first half of the summer season. For the best results, plan to start your outdoor grow during March or April. You want to germinate your seeds by putting them in soil and letting them sit in a sunny spot such as a windowsill. This will ensure animals or other insects do not disturb the seeds while they begin to germinate. Your plant should be inside for the first three to four weeks and be fairly tall before moving them outside.

When is it time to bring my plants outdoors?

Once transporting your plants outdoors, keep an eye on the temperature as plants will die if the temperature falls under 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have moved your plants outdoors, there is not much work left to do! Be sure to keep up with watering, but don’t over water. A trick to know if your plant needs water is to touch the soil with the back of your fingers and if it feels cold, there is still water left in the soil and you do not need to add any more.

Adding Fertilizer

After three to four weeks of your plant being outside, you want to start adding fertilizer. There are fertilizers specific for cannabis plants, but if you need a more cost-effective fertilizer, you can use tomato fertilizer. No matter which fertilizer you choose, be sure to follow the instructions on the container, as too much food can kill your plant. If the leaves on your plant are yellowish or light green in color, this means you need to add more fertilizer.

What does it mean to remove the ‘male plants’?

The next step is removing the male plants. It's important to remove the male plants because they do not produce the type of bud that is desirable to patients due to its low THC content. If the males are not removed, they can pollinate the females which results in the females producing seeds.

Harvesting Your Cannabis!

Depending on the amount of sunlight and care your plant has received, it should be ready to harvest in three to five months. Growing medical cannabis can be tricky and intimidating for beginners, however, growing your own cannabis can be very rewarding and beneficial to achieve the relief you seek for your medical conditions!

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This post is misleading in many ways.. 1:We have open dispensaries in Missouri. 2:You cant just put a cannabis seed in any soil and give it little light and expect it to grow, you have to have a certain amount of light a day and the right PH soil&Water...

3:You definitely cant legally grow a marijuana plant in your window or backyard without being enclosed in a structure, locked& secured, and cultivation authorization papers properly displayed at the entrance and inside the locked structure.

4:A high yeild will not make your buds high potency!! That's ludicrous!! Only genetics and proper environment/conditions come out with the strongest most potent buds..

PS: Someone should sue this company for misleading information and lies.…

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