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Taste Buds Medical Marijuana Dispensary Now Open in St. Clair

Taste Buds Dispensary in St. Clair Now Open

Franklin County Medical Marijuana Dispensary a Success Despite Wintry Weather

The crazy Missouri weather may be making travel miserable, but residents of St. Clair will have a reason to smile if they brave the cold and snow to visit Taste Buds—Franklin County’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

Taste Buds’ eager customers got out of their cars on Wednesday, February 17, to help dig out the entrance to the store on the official grand opening day. Dispensaries across the state have been opening to a great reception, despite the hazardous roads and blustery weather.

Access to Medical Marijuana Products is Expanding

Dispensaries have struggled to get access to a decent supply of products because of the restrictive nature of the state medical marijuana program, but inventories have recently been expanding.

Customers who visit Taste Buds this weekend will be able to get various strains of flower, eight different kinds of pre-roll, various edibles, and infused beverages. Co-owner and manager Larry Stiffelman told that the shop plans to have a true, celebratory grand opening party on 4/20 this year, with food truck in the parking lots and new products in the store—and hopefully sunshine instead of snow.

If you are ready to get your medical marijuana today, you can find it in St. Clair at:

Taste Buds Dispensary

1909 B North Service Road East

St. Clair, MO 63077


Hours of operation:

Monday - Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: Closed

Get Qualified to Purchase Medical Marijuana!

You need a valid recommendation from a Missouri doctor in order to benefit from medical marijuana for a number of conditions including PTSD, chronic pain, and epilepsy. The compassionate team at Missouri Marijuana Card can help! Simply give us a call or make an appointment online for fast, knowledgeable medical marijuana telehealth services that allow you to get your medical marijuana card right from the comfort of your home.

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