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Spring Is Here - How to Plan the Perfect Picnic With the Help of Medical Marijuana

Springtime has finally arrived, and with the warmer weather comes new possibilities for ways to enjoy your Missouri medical marijuana card. One of the best ways to take advantage of a beautiful spring day is to plan a nice, relaxing picnic and enjoy some sunshine.

Medical marijuana can provide a major boost to your overall well being and can go a long way to making most activities better. Picnics are pretty great all by themselves, but when you add the natural relief that cannabis provides, they can be even more relaxing. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect springtime picnic:

Choose the Perfect Location

When it comes to planning the perfect picnic, choosing the right location can make or break the experience. Keep in mind whether or not you plan to do any activities and how many people you are inviting. You’ll want an area that has some shade and also plenty of room to roam.

If you have time, scout out your picnic spot in advance to make sure it has the vibe you’re looking for. The best picnic spots are in areas that feel safe. They aren’t too crowded and are far enough away from urban traffic to seem like a getaway, but you are close enough that they don’t take a long time to get to. Trust your instincts, because you’ll know a great spot when you see it.

Stay off Federal Land

Medical marijuana may be legal in the state of Missouri, but cannabis is still illegal on the federal level. That means you’ll want to avoid bringing medical marijuana onto a national park or any land that is federally owned. Even if you’re discreet, it’s not worth the risk.

Check the Weather BEFORE You Leave

Nothing ruins a picnic like getting caught in a downpour. Take the time to check the weather online before you leave the house, even if the skies are blue and the temperature is just right. A sudden storm can come out of nowhere and derail your plans for a relaxing afternoon.

Pack the Essentials

It’s better to be over-prepared and pack things you may not need than to suddenly find you need something and don’t have it. Pack anything you might need for your picnic, including:

  • Sunscreen (bring enough to share)

  • Plenty of food and beverages

  • A big blanket that you can spread out on

  • An ice chest (and ice)

  • Frisbees, a football, or other activities you enjoy

  • A bluetooth speaker or something to listen to music on

  • A garbage bag to clean-up after yourself

  • And umbrella or poncho - just in case

  • Your Missouri medical marijuana card (don’t leave home without it!)

Remember to Hydrate

Hydration is essential, especially if you are under direct sunlight. Plus, nobody wants to be stuck out in nature with a bad case of cottonmouth. Bring water and any other beverages you might enjoy, and don’t forget to bring enough for everyone! Put the beverages on ice before you leave for the picnic so they’re nice and cold when the festivities begin!

Choose Fun Foods That Everyone Can Eat

Pick fun, portable treats that people can comfortably eat while they’re sitting out on a blanket and under the sun. Fresh fruits cut into pieces are always a big hit on a warm day. A decadent sweet treat for later is also a good idea.

Before preparing food for your picnic, get in touch with your guests to see if they have any dietary restrictions or preferences. Nothing kills a vibe like watching everyone else enjoy food while you sit there hungry because you’re allergic to everything. Your friends will appreciate you making the effort to have foods they can enjoy.

Also - if you’re bringing any treats that are infused with cannabis, make sure you know the dosage and let your guests know which items contain medical marijuana. Also - make sure they have a Missouri medical marijuana card before sharing your cannabis products with them.

Pack Food in Reverse Order

If you have a plan for the food you’re going to eat, you can save yourself a lot of digging around in your picnic basket by simply packing it in reverse order. That way, the food you want to eat first is at the top of your basket and everything can be pulled out in the order you want to eat it.

Alternate Between Relaxation and Activities

Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you might want to throw a football around or you could even do some outdoor yoga. Medical marijuana is an excellent meditation companion, so a group mindfulness session might be something you incorporate - although that won’t be right for every picnic.

Regardless of what activities you do, take the time to relax and chill after being active. A picnic is a time to unwind from the hectic pace of everyday life and should feel like an escape. Go at your own pace.

Bring the Dog!

Of course, not everyone is a pet owner. But, if you do have a dog who enjoys the outdoors, bringing your pet to your picnic might be a great idea. Being around pets is a natural mood booster, so bringing your furry friend to the festivities could be uplifting for everyone.


During your picnic, give yourself the gift of going off the grid for a while. Let your colleagues, friends, and family know you won’t be reachable for that period. Put your phone on airplane mode and take the time to connect with those you’re with. If you have pressing matters to get to, set an alarm so you don’t forget, but still give yourself permission to unplug for a bit.

Going offline can improve your wellbeing, helping you sleep better, fight depression, and so much more. Just taking the time to be present without the pressures and comparisons of email, social media, and constant contact is good for your mental health and creativity.

Go With the Flow

Having a game plan for your picnic isn’t a bad thing, but be prepared to throw your plans out the window and go with the flow. Your picnic is a chance to enjoy being outside and connect with others without having to adhere to a strict itinerary. Conversations, activities, music - this is a chance to experience the freedom of going wherever the day leads you.

Invite People Who Will Enhance the Vibe

The company you bring is probably the most important factor when planning a picnic. Whether you are planning a romantic excursion or a get-together with a few friends, make sure you bring people who have the kind of energy that will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Since we’re talking about a medical marijuana-enhanced picnic, you’ll want to make sure they’re 420-friendly and know how to relax. Everyone has that one friend who ruins everyone’s vibe. Don’t invite that guy!

Plan a Medical Marijuana Tasting

If your friends all have their Missouri medical marijuana cards, you might want to each bring a strain of cannabis that you like or some of your favorite edibles to share. Sharing is caring!

Be Discreet and Know the Laws

Anytime you have cannabis on you, you should also have your Missouri medical marijuana card. Even with your card, it’s important that you don’t take over the entire park and are discreet about your cannabis consumption.

Technically, it’s illegal to smoke marijuana in public, even with your medical card. So, no matter what you do, you should be discreet and avoid attracting attention, arming yourself with knowledge of the latest Missouri medical marijuana laws.

Clean Up After Yourself

This is just basic kindness and consideration. Make sure to bring a garbage bag with you and leave the picnic space nicer than you found it. Take any debris, roaches, food waste, or any other garbage with you when you leave so that the space is in nice condition for the next people who picnic there.

Don’t Forget Your Medical Card

If you’re ready to experience the natural relief that cannabis provides, you’ll need a Missouri medical marjiuana card. If you need some help getting your card, we’re here! Our medical staff is standing by to take you through a quick and easy evaluation to see if you qualify. Schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor online by CLICKING HERE, or give us a call at (877) 303-3117 to talk to a patient support representative.


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