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Recreational Marijuana in Missouri - Taxation, Licenses, and More

In the heart of the United States, the state of Missouri is making significant strides in the world of marijuana. With recreational marijuana sales now live for six months, the Show-Me State has shown its commitment to progressive marijuana policies.

In this blog post, we'll explore the current status of recreational marijuana in Missouri, from the impressive revenue generated to the unique microbusiness licenses designed to empower disadvantaged communities. Along the way, we'll emphasize the importance of medical marijuana and why obtaining a medical marijuana card can be the right choice for individuals seeking the therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

Missouri's Thriving Marijuana Market

Since the inception of recreational marijuana sales in Missouri, the state has witnessed an astonishing average daily sale of approximately $4 million, resulting in a cumulative total of nearly $600 million. These impressive figures underscore the tremendous demand for legal marijuana within the state.

A crucial aspect of Missouri's marijuana landscape is Amendment 3, approved by voters in November 2022, which introduced microbusiness licenses. The primary goal behind these licenses is to create opportunities in disadvantaged communities, fostering economic growth and social equity.

Amy Moore, the director of Missouri's Division for marijuana Regulation, expressed her surprise at the popularity of this program. Microbusiness licenses, she explains, essentially represent small businesses, a concept familiar to Missourians. These licenses offer both challenges and rewards, serving as a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the marijuana industry.

Expanding Opportunities Through Microbusiness Licenses

Following the approval of recreational marijuana, Missouri extended comprehensive licenses to existing facilities, permitting them to sell both medical and recreational marijuana. Moore reveals that a significant majority of medical facilities applied for these new licenses, indicating the enthusiasm within the industry.

In the next month, the Missouri Lottery will randomly select six winners from each of the state's eight congressional districts, totaling 48 new small business licenses. These microbusinesses are expected to offer a distinctive experience, characterized by a craft presentation and likely smaller operations. However, Missouri is eagerly awaiting to witness the development and diversity of these new small businesses.

Eligibility and Inclusivity

While the prospect of obtaining a microbusiness license is exciting, potential entrepreneurs must meet specific eligibility criteria. To be eligible, one must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Have a net worth of less than $250,000 and an income below 250% of the federal poverty level.

  • Possess a valid service-connected disability card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Be an individual who has been arrested, prosecuted, or convicted of a non-violent marijuana offense.

  • Reside in a designated area with specific socio-economic criteria.

  • Graduate from an unaccredited school district.

These eligibility requirements aim to ensure that microbusiness licenses benefit those who have historically faced barriers in the marijuana industry, including veterans and individuals impacted by marijuana prohibition.

A Standalone Market

Microbusiness licenses are distinct in that they are limited in the number of plants they can cultivate and can only sell to other microbusinesses. This approach creates a self-contained market, where microbusiness wholesalers exclusively supply microbusiness dispensaries.

Comprehensive cultivation facilities can house up to 30,000 square feet of flowering plants or the equivalent of around 2,500 outdoor-grown plants. In contrast, microbusinesses are not constrained by indoor or outdoor cultivation but are limited to a maximum of 250 flowering plants at any given time.

Interestingly, regardless of whether individuals purchase marijuana from comprehensive dispensaries or microbusiness dispensaries, they are still authorized to acquire the same quantities of marijuana products, ensuring equitable access for all consumers.

Embracing Equity in Licensing

Missouri's progressive approach to marijuana regulation includes a provision for a "chief equity officer" responsible for establishing programs that support communities impacted by marijuana prohibition during the licensing process. This initiative aims to provide resources and opportunities to those interested in obtaining a marijuana license.

While there is a $1,500 application fee, it is refundable if the applicant's name is not selected in the lottery. Additionally, microbusiness licenseholders have the option to bring business partners on board. The majority of ownership must remain with individuals eligible under the specified criteria, but up to 49% ownership can be extended to others.

For those who do not secure a license in the upcoming round, the state will offer additional opportunities for 48 licenses in nine months and another batch in nine months following that. However, for the first year and a half of recreational sales, Missouri will not issue new comprehensive licenses. After this period, the Department of Health and Senior Services can decide whether to open applications for additional licenses, ensuring that at least half go to microbusinesses that have been operating for at least a year.

Unlocking Wellness With Medical Marijuana

In the midst of discussions surrounding recreational marijuana, it is paramount to underscore the profound impact of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana cards serve as the gateway to legally accessing marijuana-based therapies, meticulously tailored to individual health requirements. The compelling reasons for embracing a medical marijuana card are multifaceted:

  • Legal Accessibility: Medical marijuana cards offer a lawful passage to marijuana treatments, effectively dispelling concerns of legal repercussions.

  • Personalized Healing: Patients undergo comprehensive medical evaluations, culminating in the creation of personalized treatment regimens meticulously designed to address their unique health conditions.

  • Stringent Quality Control: Medical marijuana dispensaries rigorously adhere to exacting quality standards, guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of their product offerings.

  • Guided Expertise: Cardholders benefit from the invaluable insights of healthcare professionals seasoned in the realm of medical marijuana, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.

  • Diverse Therapeutic Choices: Medical marijuana presents an array of therapeutic options, spanning from effective pain management to tailored relief for a myriad of medical ailments.

In this dynamic landscape of marijuana, where both recreational and medical avenues converge, the choice of a medical marijuana card emerges as a conduit to enhanced well-being, bestowing legal access to treatments meticulously tailored to individual health imperatives.


Missouri's journey into the world of recreational marijuana is marked by innovation and inclusivity. The introduction of microbusiness licenses creates opportunities for entrepreneurs, particularly in disadvantaged communities. While recreational marijuana offers exciting prospects, medical marijuana remains a vital avenue for those seeking personalized, effective treatments.

As Missouri continues to evolve its marijuana landscape, individuals are encouraged to explore the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana by obtaining a medical marijuana card. It's a choice that can lead to improved well-being, providing legal access to treatments tailored to individual health needs.

In this evolving era of marijuana, both recreational and medical options coexist, catering to the diverse needs of Missourians seeking relief, healing, and empowerment.

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