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  • Ashley Slimak

Proposed Amendment Would Allow Medical Marijuana Licenses for More Missouri Businesses

Missouri Medical Marijuana Amendment

A new bill proposed in Missouri would remove the limit of medical marijuana licenses which could allow any businesses in the state to obtain a license if they meet the minimum requirements.

This could provide more dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivators in Missouri which could supply an opportunity to create more jobs and have more money flowing through Missouri's economy, especially after the effects of the coronavirus.

Since the use of medical marijuana was legalized in the state back in 2018, there has been a delay in the rollout of the program, and dispensaries have yet to still open. There were a number of complaints and lawsuits during the license application process as many small businesses were rejected due to changes in the criteria and many large, out-of-state businesses were awarded a big portion of the licenses.

Republican State Representative, Ben Baker is sponsoring the amendment after stating that the original license process was unfair and has not been transparent. He hopes that this can be a way to produce more jobs in Missouri, particularly during these uncertain times with many people currently out of work.

The Missouri House of Representatives has voted in favor of the bill, and it will now move to the Senate to be voted on.

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