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  • Ashley Slimak

Nix the Stench- 7 Tips on How to Eliminate the Smell of Marijuana

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Cannabis is an amazing plant that helps thousands of people daily. But there is one thing that’s hard to escape—marijuana stinks!

Whether or not you’re someone who enjoys the scent of fresh bud, the smell that lingers after you smoke it isn’t pleasant. The smoke clings to clothing, hair, furniture, and carpet long after the cannabis session has ended.

We have the solutions you need to get rid of the tell-tale odor so you can keep your prescription use between you and your cannabis. Read on to learn how to eliminate marijuana’s smell.

Tip #1: Use an Indoor Air Purifier

If the problem that you face with the smell of marijuana is that it lingers in your home, an indoor air purifier is just what you need. Air purifiers neutralize odors while removing impurities from the air. The result is a fresher smelling home, and better indoor air quality.

Tip #2: Try Vaping or Edibles

Most dried herb aficionados opt for a glass piece. But you don’t need to use a bong or pipe to imbibe in cannabis flower. Instead, purchase a dry herb vape pen. These devices use hot air rather than fire to release THC from cannabis. As a result, the bud doesn’t burn and the odor isn’t as strong. And then there are THC-infused edibles, which leave no noticeable odor.

Tip #3: Smoke Before Showering

For people with long hair, the cannabis scent can get caught up in their long locks. If possible, smoke before you shower, and use other forms of cannabis throughout the day. This will make it so your clothing and hair smell fresh and clean.

Tip #4: Smoke Outside or Open a Window

Smoking outdoors eliminates any cannabis smell inside your home. The increased air circulation will also waft the smoke away from you, leaving your hair and clothing smelling less like marijuana.

If you don’t have a private spot outdoors, the next best thing is to open a window and blow smoke out the window. Some of it might come back in, but much of it will diffuse outdoors.

Tip #5: Try to Mask the Odor with Products

Masking an odor isn’t exactly the best way to deal with it permanently, but if the lingering scent is minor and you simply want your home to smell better, an essential oil diffuser can do wonders. Burning incense or spraying a bit of Ozium is another way to rid the smell.

Tip #6: Change Your Clothing

When you need to go somewhere after smoking, it’s best to change your clothing. You may opt to have an outfit or two at home that you change into for smoking that you wash regularly. This will keep your good clothing smelling fresh and clean.

Tip #7: Give Your Home a Deep Clean

For those who have been smoking indoors for some time, the whole house can begin to smell a bit like cannabis. At this point, it’s time to give your home a deep clean.

Open the windows, collect your household cleaners, rent that carpet shampooer, and get to work! It is possible to fully eradicate the scent, but it does take deep cleaning all fabrics.

Cannabis smoke has a long-lasting odor. Hair, clothing, and homes all risk absorbing marijuana smoke and carrying the stench for hours or longer. Fortunately, the odor is not inevitable. To combat cannabis stench, you can use less smelly medical marijuana products, plan ahead to limit the smoke exposure, or clean up after.

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