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Missourians: Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can Purchase From Collinsville's Dispensary on Mondays

Missourian's have long awaited medical marijuana dispensaries, which will be opening in a few short months. However, the wait has ended for some. Missouri medical marijuana card holders can now purchase their medicine in Illinois.

Missouri residents with a valid medical marijuana card can purchase medicine from Illinois Supply & Provisions dispensary in Collinsville, Illinois on Mondays.  The dispensary is restricting access to Illinois recreational consumers to account for Missouri patients on Mondays.

To stay up to date on Missouri's dispensary openings, be sure to check out our dispensary locations page. You can find a list of licensed dispensaries, locations, phone numbers, and menus when they become available.

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louis maloney
Feb 06, 2020

I went to ANNA & there was "NO" bud! I went to Marion & "NO" bud! I found out through the bud line that Collinsville is DRIER than a popcorn fart! I paid $225.00 to drive to cities that do not post on the enter-web so these people "WILL" try & sell you things you don't want OR need. 20 plus years in the military & 16 years DOC, KYLE HOLT, you can KISS my perfect white ASS!


Betty Dehart
Betty Dehart
Feb 04, 2020

what a crock, I read the reviews for this place- 3 hour waits-then they do not have what you want, thanks for nothing, I paid 250.00 for a worthless card nothing, so ticked. 6 months later not one in St should be ashamed taking money from disabled people.

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