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Missouri Spotlight - Greenlight Dispensary

Missouri cannabis patients have no shortage of options when it comes to finding relief. Residents with a medical marijuana card can shop at over 100 marijuana dispensaries throughout the state. This week, we want to call your attention to a chain of state dispensaries that have been receiving some well-deserved praise from cannabis patients in the Show-Me State!

Greenlight - By the Numbers

Greenlight is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most recognizable names in the world of legal cannabis. They currently possess licenses for 30 dispensary locations. Missouri is one of the states in which Greenlight has the biggest footprint, with an impressive fifteen dispensary locations. You can also find Greenlight dispensaries in Arkansas, Illinois, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

This company currently provides over 400 jobs between their dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other areas of operation. In addition to their popular retail centers, Greenlight currently owns more than 150,000 square feet of cannabis cultivation space, and have another 135,000 square feet on the way.

Among their list of impressive accomplishments, the Greenlight founders are particularly proud of having built one of the “world’s largest dispensaries” in Las Vegas - the world’s first “Marijuana Farmers Market.”

Vertical Integration

One of the things that makes Greenlight such a successful operation is their process of vertical integration, which is a business strategy where a company takes direct ownership of many (or all) of the stages of its production process instead of relying on external contractors or suppliers. Many companies who have adopted this practice may handle their own manufacturing, distribution, and retail locations.

It can be a risk to start a vertically integrated company, because the start-up costs are often much more than when a company contracts those processes out. But, in the end, you save money and have more control over the quality of your product. Companies who do this are often able to pass some of those savings along to customers.

Shop Online Before You Go

Missouri medical marijuana patients will find Greenlight’s online shopping options particularly convenient. When you visit the Greenlight website and click the “SHOP” tab at the top of the page, you will be prompted to select a location. Once you select the dispensary you wish to shop at, you’ll be able to go through the wide array of medical marijuana products that location offers. This way, you can browse their products and prices and make your selections in advance of going to the dispensary. This sure beats walking in and blindly hoping they have the cannabis products that you want.

An Impressive Array of Products

The selection at Greenlight dispensaries includes an array of medical marijuana products including flower and pre-rolls for cannabis smokers. Missourians who are interested in vaping will find many different types of strains to choose from. They also have many different types of edibles, concentrates, topicals, and a line of CBD products.

One of the most popular cannabis products for discreet marijuana users are tinctures, and Greenlight has a great selection of tinctures in a variety of THC to CBD ratios. They also have a range of cannabis accessories and even some fun branded apparel.

Giving Education the Green Light

Missouri cannabis patients might be curious to know exactly how the process of marijuana cultivation works. It’s important to know about the medicine that we’re putting into our body, including where it’s coming from.

Greenlight recently teamed with St. Louis University’s Cannabis and Science Program to put together a series of educational videos that explain the process medical marijuana goes through from the time it is a seed through the moment it is packaged for consumption.

If you are curious about the process of marijuana, you may want to check these videos out!

Greenlight Gives Back

One of the most impressive things about Greenlight is the way the company gives back to the community. In addition to providing jobs to so many Missourians and relief to thousands of state cannabis patients, Greenlight seems to have a passion for helping others.

Earlier this year, Greenway Magazine profiled Greenlight’s partnership with Appetite 4 Humanity, a Missouri-based charity that is focused on providing food programs and social service to people who need help throughout the Show-Me State.

That’s just one example of the way Greenlight is working to help the community that they serve. Of course, there are many other great dispensaries throughout Missouri. Many of them also offer a great selection of products, help to educate marijuana patients, and give back to the community. Here at Missouri Marijuana Card, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight Greenlight dispensaries. They are quickly becoming a standard bearer in Missouri’s medical marijuana field.

Give Yourself the Green Light

In order to shop at Green Light dispensary or any of the state’s other retail cannabis locations, you’ll need a Missouri medical marijuana card. If you don’t have your card yet, we’re here to help!

Our physicians are standing by to take you through a quick and easy evaluation to see if you qualify. Schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor online by CLICKING HERE, or give us a call at (877) 303-3117 to talk to a patient support representative.


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Call us at (877) 303-3117, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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