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Missouri's Marijuana Market Decline: Understanding Why

Missouri's marijuana market, once soaring to unprecedented heights in 2023, has encountered a recent dip in sales that has left many stakeholders seeking answers. This decline, influenced by a myriad of factors, sheds light on the evolving nature of the state's cannabis industry. 

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the underlying reasons behind Missouri's marijuana sales decrease and examine the potential impact on the medical and recreational sectors. Additionally, we'll explore the significance of medical marijuana, scheduling considerations, and the continued relevance of obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Factors Contributing to the Decline

Missouri experienced remarkable growth in its marijuana market throughout 2023. However, recent months have witnessed a decline in sales, prompting an analysis of contributing factors. Several key elements have risen to the forefront as potential explanations for this downturn:

  • Conclusion of Tourism Season

The culmination of Missouri's bustling tourism season, which hosted over 40 million visitors in 2022, has been identified as a significant factor. The subsequent decline in tourism and long-term summer residents has impacted the overall consumer base, leading to a shift in market dynamics.

  • Retail Pricing Stabilization

As the marijuana market stabilizes, there has been a gradual decline in retail pricing. While this stabilization is a natural progression in any industry, it has influenced consumer behavior and purchase patterns.

  • Eroding Patient Population

Missouri has seen a substantial reduction in certified medical marijuana patients, losing over 75,000 in the past 12 months. This erosion, representing more than a third of the medical market, has contributed to the overall decline in monthly medical sales.

A Viable Alternative

Amidst the challenges faced by Missouri's marijuana market, the role of medical marijuana emerges as a crucial and viable alternative. The certified medical marijuana program, designed to provide regulated access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes, offers a stable foundation for individuals seeking relief from various health conditions.

Medical marijuana stands out as the right choice for individuals navigating the complexities of their health. Beyond therapeutic access, securing a medical marijuana card provides legal assurance, aligning with the prevailing state regulations. The regulated nature of medical marijuana ensures quality and consistency in products.

As Missouri's marijuana market adjusts to seasonal fluctuations and evolving consumer patterns, efficient scheduling mechanisms and patient outreach become integral components. Providing clear and accessible scheduling information ensures a seamless experience for patients, promoting consistent engagement with medical marijuana dispensaries.

Navigating Market Fluctuations

For operators in Missouri's marijuana market, strategic planning becomes paramount, especially when anticipating potential declines during the winter and early spring months. Understanding market dynamics, adjusting projections, and planning for a fluctuating consumer base are essential elements for sustained success in the evolving cannabis industry.

While medical marijuana remains a stalwart in the industry, Missouri's recreational marijuana sector continues to demonstrate consistency. With over $91 million in sales each full month and an average exceeding $95 million since June, recreational marijuana has become a reliable contributor to the state's economic landscape.

Expanding Accessibility and Diversification

Experts attribute the success of recreational marijuana to its expanding accessibility and the diversification of available products. The introduction of a wide range of products caters to diverse consumer preferences, contributing to sustained sales figures.

Consumer behavior, evident in the data, reveals intriguing patterns. Late spring and summer months consistently averaged more than $120 million in sales, followed by a gradual decrease towards the year's end. Understanding these trends is essential for adapting strategies to accommodate seasonal variations.


Missouri's marijuana market, despite recent declines, remains a dynamic and adaptive force in the state's economy. The interplay of factors influencing this decline underscores the need for a nuanced understanding of market dynamics. As medical marijuana continues to be a reliable choice for individuals prioritizing therapeutic benefits, the importance of obtaining a medical marijuana card remains steadfast. 

Navigating market fluctuations, optimizing scheduling mechanisms, and embracing the evolving landscape will be crucial for stakeholders in Missouri's marijuana industry. In the face of challenges, the state remains on track to surpass $1.3 billion in marijuana sales in 2023, showcasing the resilience and potential for growth in this evolving sector.

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