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Missouri's Commits $17 Million from Marijuana Revenue to Support Veterans

Missouri takes a monumental step towards honoring its veterans, dedicating a remarkable $17 million from cannabis revenue to the Missouri Veterans Commission. In a poignant display of the positive impact of both medical and adult-use cannabis programs, this allocation stands as a testament to the state's commitment to the well-being of those who served. Let's delve into the details of this groundbreaking initiative and explore the broader implications for Missouri's cannabis landscape.

The Financial Ripple Effect

In a move that underscores the symbiotic relationship between cannabis programs and community welfare, Missouri is set to transfer $17 million to the Missouri Veterans Commission. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), $13 million will be channeled from the state's medical cannabis program, while the remaining $4 million will come from the adult-use cannabis program, legalized by voters in November 2022.

The bulk of the allocated funds, a substantial $13 million, stems from the state's medical cannabis program. These funds are designated to supply essential health care and services to military veterans and their families. This initiative builds on the success of Missouri's medical cannabis program, which has been operational since 2018, providing a lifeline for veterans in need.

An Additional $4 Million

The approval of adult-use cannabis by Missouri voters in 2022 has paved the way for an additional $4 million to be directed towards veteran services. This financial boost marks the tangible impact of the program's success, with a portion allocated to three agencies, including the Veterans Commission. The funds are designated to fund health care and other vital services for military veterans and their dependent families.

The distribution of funds from the adult-use cannabis program reflects a holistic approach to community welfare. Approximately $1,278,973 each is allocated to three organizations—the Veterans Commission, the state public defender's office for legal assistance to low-income individuals, and DHSS itself. This financial infusion is poised to enhance access to drug treatment, overdose prevention, and recovery services.

Amy Moore, director of DHSS’s Division of Cannabis Regulation, expressed the profound impact of Missouri's cannabis programs in a recent statement. She noted, "It's incredible that Missouri voters passed the adult-use amendment less than one year ago, and we are now starting to see the financial impact the program's success will have on multiple organizations and the Missourians they serve."

A Direct Impact

Paul Kirchhoff, executive director of the Missouri Veterans Commission, highlighted the direct benefits of this financial allocation. The funds will contribute to supporting the existing infrastructure of the seven Veterans Homes in the state. This commitment underscores the significance of cannabis revenue in fortifying essential services for those who have served the nation.

Missouri's cannabis landscape has evolved from the establishment of the medical cannabis program in 2018 to the more recent approval of adult-use cannabis. This transition reflects a comprehensive approach to wellness, acknowledging the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. While celebrating the success of adult-use cannabis, it's crucial to recognize the enduring importance of the medical program.

The Ongoing Relevance of Medical Marijuana

In the midst of the celebration of Missouri's commitment to veterans, it's imperative to underscore the ongoing relevance of medical marijuana. The established medical cannabis program has been a lifeline for veterans, with nearly $40 million transferred to veteran funds since its inception in 2018. Choosing medical marijuana remains a wise and compassionate choice, ensuring access to regulated and medically supervised products.

As Missouri continues to exemplify its commitment to community welfare through cannabis revenue, individuals seeking the benefits of marijuana should consider the stability and reliability of the medical marijuana program. Obtaining a medical marijuana card is a proactive step towards accessing quality-tested products without the uncertainties of the illegal market. Schedule your path to wellness by securing your medical marijuana card today.


In conclusion, Missouri's dedication of $17 million from cannabis revenue to veteran services marks a harmonious blend of progressive cannabis programs and community welfare. This financial allocation not only reflects the success of both medical and adult-use cannabis but also exemplifies the state's commitment to those who have served.

As we celebrate this milestone, the enduring relevance of the medical marijuana program stands as a beacon of stability, offering a compassionate choice for individuals seeking the therapeutic benefits of marijuana in a regulated and medically supervised environment.

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