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Missouri's Approaching 100,000 Expungements Under Adult-Use Marijuana Law

Missouri stands at the cusp of a historic moment, nearing the expungement of nearly 100,000 convictions as part of the adult-use cannabis constitutional amendment approved by voters last year. In this journey towards reform, the intricate dynamics of expungements, the role of tax revenues, and the intertwining paths of recreational and medical marijuana unfold.

A Pioneering Amendment

Missouri's strides towards justice are evident as the state moves closer to expunging almost 100,000 convictions, a significant milestone set by the adult-use cannabis constitutional amendment. Crafted by advocates like Dan Viets, the law mandated the expungement of nearly every misdemeanor cannabis conviction by June 8, with felony convictions slated for expungement by December 8. Despite the technicalities around meeting deadlines, the state's commitment to a good faith effort is acknowledged by proponents.

Navigating through a complex web of legal intricacies, Dan Viets, an author of the amendment, emphasizes the depth of the challenge. The expungement process is a response to a century of marijuana prohibition in Missouri, with hundreds of thousands of cases requiring careful consideration. While progress is being made, the possibility of legal action looms if communities lag behind in the expungement efforts.

Fueling the Expungement Process

John Mueller, co-owner of 31 Greenlight Dispensary stores, sheds light on the positive synergy between adult-use cannabis sales and expungement efforts. The tax dollars generated by cannabis sales contribute to funding the expungement process, creating a self-sustaining cycle of reform. This intersection of economic gains and social responsibility reflects the industry's commitment to rectifying past injustices.

The backdrop to Missouri's expungement journey is the triumph of Amendment 3, legalizing recreational marijuana use for adults. The decriminalization of possession of three ounces or less in December 2022 marked a pivotal moment, clearing the way for a new era in cannabis legislation. The initiation of commercial cannabis sales in February of the following year added a tangible dimension to the state's evolving relationship with marijuana.

The Link to Medical Marijuana

Amidst the celebrations of recreational victories, it's crucial to acknowledge Missouri's longstanding commitment to the medical use of marijuana. Voters paved the way for medical marijuana legalization in November 2018, recognizing the plant's therapeutic potential. This steady path towards medical acceptance remains an essential aspect of Missouri's evolving marijuana landscape.

While the winds of change blow through recreational marijuana laws, the stability and reliability of medical marijuana shine through. As Missouri approaches the landmark of 100,000 expungements, the medical marijuana program stands as a beacon of consistency. Choosing medical marijuana offers a regulated, legal, and medically supervised avenue for individuals seeking the benefits of marijuana without the legal uncertainties.

In the dynamic landscape of evolving marijuana laws, securing a medical marijuana card is a proactive choice. As Missouri continues its journey towards justice and reform, a medical marijuana card ensures access to quality-tested products without the uncertainties of the illegal market. Take the crucial step towards wellness, legality, and reliability by scheduling your medical marijuana card today.


Missouri's journey towards 100,000 expungements under the adult-use law is a testament to the state's commitment to justice. The intertwining narratives of recreational triumphs, tax-funded expungements, and the enduring relevance of medical marijuana paint a comprehensive picture of a state in transition.

As we navigate the future of marijuana in Missouri, the choice between recreational and medical avenues remains pivotal, with medical marijuana standing as a beacon of stability in an ever-shifting landscape.

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