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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Now Set to Open in Missouri!

Yesterday, the state of Missouri announced 192 dispensary licenses and Missourians couldn't be happier to get this program underway!

They received licenses but when will they open? With 192 business owners racing to be the first to open, dispensaries should open quickly! Missourians have waited for nearly 7 months for dispensaries to open without anywhere to source their medicine from unless they grow it themselves. With a projected two to three months until dispensaries open most patients will be harvesting one last crop before they can head down to a state-licensed facility to purchase top quality product.

How much will the medicine cost? Prices in states with emerging marijuana programs often start of with high prices, sometimes over $500 an ounce! However, with 192 dispensaries set to open and 60 cultivator licenses awarded, Missouri is bound to have fierce competition among dispensaries and cultivators. This aggressive competition will drive the price down at a relatively fast pace, allowing affordable medicine for patients sooner than almost any other state.

Where are dispensaries going to open? Be sure to check out our Dispensary Locations page to see a breakdown of the number of dispensaries in each city when it becomes available! More information to come!

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