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  • Bailey Porras

Marijuana Expungements Began This Week

When Missouri voters approved Amendment 3 back in November, they approved expungements to certain cannabis-related offenses on criminal records. This includes non-violent charges such as possession and paraphernalia.

Other states have adopted similar laws, following Biden’s marijuana pardon in which he urged state governments to follow his lead. Many people believe that, since marijuana is becoming legal, it does not make sense for people to be in jail for cannabis-related offenses that are no longer illegal.

Non-violent misdemeanor cannabis-related offenses will automatically be expunged, and some felonies will also be expunged.

What Does “Expunged” Really Mean?

An expungement means that a person’s conviction is wiped off their record by having it sealed or destroyed from the public record, making public access to the conviction information unavailable.

An expungement basically makes it as if a conviction never happened at all. So, for marijuana-related misdemeanor offenses, it will be as if it never happened and those with convictions will have a clean record, as far as the public can see.

Which Convictions Will Be Expunged?

All marijuana-related non-violent misdemeanors will be expunged, including possession and paraphernalia convictions. Also, felony possession of marijuana up to 3 pounds will also be expunged, if the offense was non-violent, of course.

Felony convictions of possession for more than 3 pounds of cannabis also have a chance at being expunged, but the defendant will need to petition for it through the court. Those who wish to petition should hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

Also, those with felony convictions of possession for more than 3 pounds of cannabis must finish their sentence before they can petition for it to be taken off their record.

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