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Marijuana & Black History Month: Why We Need To Recognize Black Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Activists

You Should Know These Black Cannabis Pioneers

We are living in an eventful era in the history of marijuana. After nearly a century of prohibition, medicinal cannabis is now legal in 39 American states, and the conversation surrounding marijuana use is changing. A big part of this historical movement includes pioneers who are paving the way as entrepreneurs in this industry.

African Americans have had a difficult history in regards to cannabis, directly related to decades of unfair profiling and incarceration rates stemming from racially-biased policies, which left a path of destruction in black communities still being felt to this day.

February is Black History Month. The entrepreneurs on our list are making black history in our lifetime, becoming pioneers in the marijuana industry, inspiring their communities, and giving back.

Here are just a few black cannabis pioneers that every Missouri medical marijuana card holder should know:

Dasheeda “The Weedhead” Dawson

Dasheeda Dawson, who goes by the nickname, “The Weedhead,” is a force of nature in the cannabis industry. An award-winning executive strategist and founder of the first black-led company to be featured in a Times Square digital ad, Dawson was a closet marijuana smoker until she decided to move to Arizona to use her business acumen to thrive in the legal cannabis market.

Dawson’s book How to Succeed in The Green Rush is a how-to-guide and an inspirational workbook designed to help others learn from her knowledge and succeed in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

CJ Wallace

The son of the late great hiphop icon, The Notorious B.I.G., is carving out his own niche as the founder of marijuana company, Think BIG, which produces curated cannabis products rooted in the core pillars of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration.

Many cannabis users are likewise discovering how much cannabis can help with creativity. In an interview with Black Enterprise, Wallace discusses the ways in which his parents used cannabis to tap into their own creativity and release stress and how that was a major influence in starting this company.

Think BIG also seeks to make an impact in the area of social justice. In the aforementioned interview, CJ mentions his brand strives to be a strong advocate for the decriminalization of the plant. He mentions, “Many people don’t know my dad was arrested for a cannabis conviction before he died.” Wallace continues, “So had he lived, he would have been dealing with the criminal justice system like so many other black men.”

Hope Wiseman

At the age of 25, Hope Wiseman, who you may recognize as one of the stars of E!’s show WAGS Atlanta, became the youngest marijuana dispensary owner in the United States.

In addition to selling marijuana products, her dispensary also holds cannabis education and networking events. Wiseman, who discussed her dispensary with Black Enterprise a few years ago, encouraged others to jump into the industry early, predicting it will be “bigger than the dot com boom.”

Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams made a name for himself on the football field. These days, the Heisman Trophy winner and retired NFL player is using the controversy of his multiple failed drug tests while playing sports as a talking point to change the conversation surrounding marijuana use.

Williams discusses how, if the NFL wouldn’t have had such a narrow-minded view of marijuana use, he would be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But, this topic is just a jumping off point to allow Ricky to begin the real conversation.

Many studies are suggesting marijuana can be an effective tool in treating depression. Williams agrees. He is passionate about the healing effects of cannabis, which he used throughout his career to treat his depression and social anxiety disorder.

Tsion Sunshine Lencho

Tsion Sunshine Lencho worked as an attorney before founding Supernova Women, an organization founded by and for women of color, with the goal of helping them break into the cannabis industry. Supernova Women offers industry workshops and advocates for ex-offenders going through the process of rehabilitation.

Mary Pryor

People all over the world have found cannabis to be a life-changer when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. Count Mary Pryor among them. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Mary was struggling to maintain her quality of life before she began treating her pain with marijuana.

She says, “Without cannabis, I wouldn’t be where I am.” Inspired by her experience with marijuana, Mary co-founded Cannaclusive, an agency that uses marketing, education, wellness guidance, consulting, and advocacy to foster inclusion in the marijuana industry.

One of the many projects that Cannaclusive is involved in is their stock photo project, which seeks to normalize images of people of color consuming cannabis.

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