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How Many People in Missouri Use Medical Marijuana for MS? More Than You May Think

Medical marijuana for multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is One of the Most Well-Known Conditions To Benefit From Medical Marijuana Use

March is National MS Awareness Month, and Missouri Marijuana Card is showing its support by making the National MS Society our charity of the month. We are thrilled to be supporting this organization because we know how important medical marijuana is to people all over Missouri who use cannabis to treat some of the most debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is one of the few diseases that makes it onto almost every state’s list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana because of the ways cannabis can help patients feel more like themselves.

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

According to the Mayo Clinic, MS is a disease in which the immune system attacks the myelin sheath (the protective coating) on nerve fibers within the central nervous system. When this happens, communication between nerves becomes jumbled, much like frayed electrical wires.

This leads to symptoms such as muscle spasticity, chronic pain, balance problems, “brain-fog”, memory loss, constant exhaustion, frequent urination, bladder incontinence, and a whole host of other complications.

How Does Medical Marijuana Help MS Symptoms?

Medical marijuana has shown to help relieve many of these symptoms. In a publication available on the National MS Society website, the American Academy of Neurology concluded that various THC products are “probably effective” at treating various issues related to MS.

The academy had conducted a 2014 review of all available high-quality evidence published in peer-reviewed journals concerning the “efficacy and safety of medical marijuana in selected neurologic disorders.”

Research into the medical benefits of marijuana has been stunted due to archaic Federal regulations. However, patients everywhere use medical marijuana to overcome some of the symptoms that interfere with their lives the most.

Most available research shows participants report a decided improvement in spasticity, muscle and nerve pain, urinary frequency, alertness, and more.

The next step in research is going to be finding the right formulas and strains with cannabinoid concentrations that are most beneficial to treating MS symptoms without increasing drowsiness and brain-fog. Unfortunately, formal research may be a long way off.

Your best bet is likely going to be to experiment with the varieties you can find at Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries—which has the potential to be an awful lot of fun if you do it right.

How Can I Get Involved to Raise Awareness About MS?

The National MS Society has resources for anyone who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and anyone who wants to learn more. Additionally, there two chapters most local to Missouri residents are the Mid-America chapter in Leawood, Kansas, and the Gateway Area chapter in St. Louis, Missouri.

Local chapters offer people with MS and their families a way to connect with others who understand the difficulties of living with the disease, and those who support the furthering of research to cure or eradicate the disease. They host events, give services and support to the community, provide a platform for groups and discussions, and more.

Walk for MS

The National MS Society supports local chapters as they find fun ways to involve the community in raising funds to support research into new medications and treatments. Most chapters host an annual Walk, Ride, or Swim for MS, giving people a chance to participate in events that raise awareness and money for the cause.

Upcoming Gateway Walk for MS Events




ST. LOUIS, MO APRIL 24, 2021

Upcoming Mid-America Walk for MS Events

BRANSON, MO MAY 01, 2021


LIBERTY, MO MAY 01, 2021



LINCOLN, NE MAY 15, 2021

OMAHA, NE MAY 15, 2021

TOPEKA, KS MAY 15, 2021

WICHITA, KS MAY 15, 2021

How to Get Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card to Treat MS Symptoms

If you have not yet gotten your Missouri marijuana card to treat your MS symptoms, now is the time to join the thousands of patients who have found relief through the use of therapeutic cannabis.

Missouri Marijuana Card can help you get started, offering medical marijuana evaluations and guidance from trained doctors and staff who are ready to answer your questions right now. Give us a call at (877) 303-3117, or schedule a medical marijuana evaluation appointment online today!

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